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  1. Anyone still on iOS 12 beta 2? Every games/apps working fine there? Specially PUBG? I miss iOS 12...

    1. c0ntr4d1ct0r


      I've been wondering the same. I've installed iOS 12 Beta 2 and then I've discovered about this website. I've done everything as requested and installed the modded .IPA with Impactor, but none of the apps seems to launch. :(

  2. Actually, there is no log for crash, no matter how to try to gain it. However, it is been awhile, so current crashes might be due to some other reason. Also, I had the idea that the activation of some hacks modify or update something that causes crash one of the first thing came in my mind. I tried to uninstall the hack and updated game (not reinstall), retried, it still crashed. So without hack, it still was crashing. The damage was permanent. But I did not mind your comment, because I am confident on my given method, as it worked perfectly on my device. If it's gonna work for others, good. Or else, no worries, I am enjoying hack with 20 kill streak and 35K/D! ?
  3. TROUBLESHOOTING FOR CRASHES: Alright, since I believe I faced this issue first, as there were no comments related to it, I tried to fix it myself long gone and have no issues ever again. My novice explanation is, it is a anti-cheat that causes the crashes. Not the .deb you are installing from here. Some of the hacks is causing it, however it is still not confirmed, I will cover this below: First of all, Open Cydia then go to "Installed" tab, click recent or just simply find the hack, remove/uninstall it. You may want to respring at this point. Once respring, uninstall PUBG game from springboard. Alright, now if possible, try to reboot your device, or just respring. Turn on Airplane mode, be it any iDevice, then turn on WiFi, and download the game again. Respring. Now install the hack. Respring. Open the game, Mod Menu will appear, login your iosgods account. NOW, before or right after tapping the card to active hack, swipe for Control Center and TURN OFF WIFI. Deselect all the hacks from the Menu, and at this point you can either minimize game and respring, then follow back steps 5-10. OR just select the hacks as mentioned below. - X-Ray Hack -> Enable- X-Ray Hack #2 -> This one works with all buildings, even close. See enemies, loot, drops, boxes and everything!!!!- Disable GRASS/TREES/WHEAT -> Disable - HIDE GRASS/TREES/WHEAT/ROCK FARTHER - Enable- HIDE GRASS/TREES/WHEAT/ROCK CLOSER - Enable - NO GUN RECOIL - Enable- Walk Through Walls -> Disable - Less better spread -> Enable- God's View -> Already Enabled, nothing to do, nothing to worry. Note: You can disable any Enable hack but don't Enable hack that I have recommended to disable. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOUR GAME IS STILL CRASHING, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO REDO PROCESS AND TRY TO USE OTHER ACCOUNT/ BE IT OF GAME CENTER OR PUBG GAME ITSELF AND REDO WHOLE ABOVE PROCESS. YOU WERE WARNED BEFORE USING HACK, NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT. Note: This is not official troubleshooting from iosgods, but my own method. If this didn't worked wait for real champions to respond/fix. Side Note: I believe real culprit is Walk Through Walls or X-Ray Hack#2, but I can be totally wrong here, however it is probably one of the hacks I have disbaled. KINDLY LEAVE LIKE IF I HELPED.
  4. [exec dpkg -i] ... bash-4.4$ Filza dpkg -i "/var/mobile/Documents/com.mrs14t3r.vast_v1.0-3_iphoneos-arm.deb" ; [1mdpkg:[0m [1;33mwarning:[0m parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 1552 package 'com.yourepo.cydiageek.cydiafullscreen': missing maintainer [1mdpkg:[0m error processing archive /var/mobile/Documents/com.mrs14t3r.vast_v1.0-3_iphoneos-arm.deb (--install): parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/control' near line 9 package 'com.mrs14t3r.vast': error in 'Version' field string 'v1.0-3': version number does not start with digit Errors were encountered while processing: /var/mobile/Documents/com.mrs14t3r.vast_v1.0-3_iphoneos-arm.deb bash-4.4$ Getting this error on Electra Jailbreak...
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