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  1. Why do good girls like bad guys?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Joka


      *insert cringey TikTok meme*

    3. Cisco


      Or get a fat girlfirend like @Joka has xD  xD


    4. Joka


      At least I'm not dating my mum

    5. Cisco


      *not gonna hurt joka*

    6. TAMP0N


      Females like penis and that’s gay 

  2. Google uses the OS to track you, just don't go anywhere bad
  3. I would like VIP, to see what it is like, sort of as a trial run you know
  4. Because he wouldn't be called JulioVerne his account name would be like big duck boi or something
  5. Hey, recently the signing services of the Multipath Electra had issues, so everyone was stuck on the VFS version, just in case this happens again this tutorial is here, I am not sure if it will work for you but this tricks worked for me, When the MultiPath version was signed with the wrong entitlements. Reboot your Device, Turn ON Airplane mode, Turn OFF Siri., delete any installed updates (Settings>general>iPhone Storage>Delete ios11.4 update if you have one). Unlock phone leave device for 30 Seconds than lock your phone unlock again. Open any app which requires an Internet connection (eg Safari) close the app and let it stay in the background. Wait 1-2 mins before opening Electra app but don’t let your phone Autolock. Open Electra then go into settings -> Display and Brightness -> toggle “bold text”. It’ll say it’s restarting your device but really it’s a respring, then reopen, wait 15-20 seconds before hitting “Jailbreak” it should work now if not keep trying, follow the steps again. it worked for me in < 10 tries. GL
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