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  1. Install iCleaner and go to the preferences thing and select them
  2. DiDA. THis is S0 SaD play despacirto 2...
  3. Thanks lol Remove the save, load the game, then retry it
  4. Please give me a link once you have made it, and i will put it here and credit you thanks
  5. You don't delete just rename, i hope this was quick enough
  6. Fortnite: Would have been done Roblox would have already as well. Hole.io does have one, but i dont think it is from here
  7. .debs aren't apps, if you want to install an app you wil have to use AppSyncUnified from karen Tsai's repo https://cydia.angelxwind.net/
  8. It is late where I live I will help in the morning
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