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  1. Just extract the frida-win folder anywhere you want, open it in explorer, right click -> "Git Bash here", and then run ./dump.py. Easy as that. Before running though, make sure to change the login credentials inside the dump.py file.
  2. It's great that he pointed this method out here, but its nothing new. Depends on the game. Don't expect triple A titles to be taken over now tho.
  3. Most of the apps use their own APIs on their servers, which means the app communicates with their server to exchange data and state. The app he used as an example contacted the server as soon as he bought a bike and basicly told the server that he bought a bike along with some data like the bike type and amount. What he explains is that you can watch this data flow between the app (client) and server and send a own request to the server and change the data a bit in order to gain all the bikes in-game. TL;DR Analyzing what the app does when he buys a bike (sending data to the server), changing that up a bit and sending custom data to the server -> free items! https://blogs.mulesoft.com/biz/tech-ramblings-biz/what-are-apis-how-do-apis-work Do you mean FLEXing? Thats what I used to achieve that.
  4. Did you seriously write that on your own? Who needs loops anyways? Cool tutorial for beginners! Nothing new though. Wonder why the developers won't take time to write a proper API that's not accessible so easy.
  5. Don't be silly, everything is vulnerable at some point. Even Google had a XSS this year. I currently don't have the time to work on this and my current attempts didn't work as intended. Hope someone takes a look at this - I still have the dumped offsets linked in some of my previous comments here.
  6. No worries. I'm not a pro so don't expect too much 😅
  7. Lol, I meant I'm working on this game, not Theos. Anyway, I tested changing money with DLGMemor and it updates the GUI and works partially, but as soon as you want to purchase something, you'll get kicked out with an error message. Currently testing out godmode and battle options.
  8. Theos works just fine on iOS 13. I'm still working on it, don't worry.
  9. Creating backups right now, close to update to iOS 13 and jailbreak it as well!
  10. @axi0mX announced a BootROM exploit for the most generations of iPhones and iPads (A5-A11) on the 27th of september. Twitter • Reddit • GitHub This means, that the code, that is executed first inside the device can get manipulated and patched. This gives us many ways to customize the device. Because we're talking about a ROM - read-only memory - here, this vulnerability can't get patched by updates from Apple or any other way without physical access. You could have a permanent jailbreak without any problems upgrading to the newest iOS, install custom/modded IPSWs, downgrade iOS, configure Dual Boot (including Linux and co), break iCloud locks and much more. I will keep you updated with this thread. But be sure to follow the twitter and reddit threads of the crew! Today, the 10th of november, checkra1n - a jailbreak using the checkm8 exploit - got released by @qwertyoruiopz, 2 days after his talk on POC2019. I recommend taking a look at his presentation slides. There he explains how the exploit works and how exactly the vulnerability gets exploited for the jailbreak. Very detailed and exciting! checkra1n: website (downloads) • twitter Windows and Linux support is coming soon. But why so late? Look at the slides from qwertyoruiopz. He explains how the host (the PC) communicates with the iDevice and how the exploitation occures there. Connecting the device with a mac and exchaning data between host and device works differnt there as it would be on windows or linux. The drivers are different. As far as I know, there were some small issues with the windows/linux drivers which lead to a mac-only pre-release. But it's being worked on. You can stalk him and the other team members on twitter and look at the chronicle to get more information. What I find interesting is this quote from one of the slides: from the presentation slide: Future Plans • Screenshot Helpful links How do I install checkra1n? Which tweaks are compatible with checkra1n? How does checkra1n work? [POC2019 slides] People to stalk @axi0mX • @qwertyoruiopz • @sbingner • @s1guza • @littlesteve • @tihmstar
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