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  1. I just solved it! thanks for trying to help @DavidZhong @JUSTINthebeast
  2. Still doesn’t work, is there a way to completely delete game data through Filza?
  3. yeah. I think the app may be storing my keychain or something
  4. I already did that. I deleted the data, signed out of Game Center and iTunes but it still doesn’t work
  5. The specific app is called Mighty Party. I’m trying to delete the app data (I’ve even deleted the game) so I could start a fresh account. However, it keeps bringing me to my old account. things I’ve did: -deleted the app -signed out of itunes -signed our of game center -deleted app data with “Apps Manager” And after all of these, after opening the app, it brings me back to my old account. Please help! i want the game to go back to as if it was my first time downloading it, where I start completely fresh.
  6. opened the app, played 2 games until i undocked death match, enabled the mod menu and then I was banned immediately edit: I noticed you said it was due to previous hacks for others that have the same problem, however, I have never used any other cheat for Pixel Gun 3D.
  7. I’m trying to hack bloons TD Battles ingame money with iGameGod, how do I do this?
  8. yo, this would totally help me out 🙏 been tryna get a vip subscription for awhile and I never win these giveaways, Hope luck is on my side this time
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