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  1. Update word villas please 

  2. Could you update love island? Thank you so much for making this hack i asked for  it and was pleasantly surprised to see this. Thank you so much. Hope you’re well and I’m sorry if bothering you. 

  3. My iosplus isn’t working since feb. 24. I sent a email but got no response. When you have a moment please can you email me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GothicPrincess


      When I try to download it it’s greyed out can you send me another link maybe?

    3. GothicPrincess


      It also says it can’t be verified. It’s been like for a while now and I looked again today. 

    4. GothicPrincess


       It also says it can’t be verified. It’s been like for a while now and I looked again today. Can you email me please 

  4. I got an email saying iosplus was fixed but when I download it says sorry we are short on certificates, and to wait for a email, but I already got one, do I need to wait for another one?

    1. Rook


      Hmm, perhaps try again in a few hours.

    2. GothicPrincess


      I tried again and now it says it’s integrity can’t be verified. Did it get revoked again?

  5. Hi! Could you update word villas please. Thank you in advance. <3

  6. Name of the game you want hacked: Goldberg’s back to the 80s Version of the game: 1.1.1294 iTunes Link for the app:https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/the-goldbergs-back-to-the-80s Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: non jail broken Requested Features: Currency, video tapes, cool points.goes up instead of decrease
  7. Name of the game you want hacked: Sonic at the olympics Version of the game: 1.0.0 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/sonic-at-the-olympic-games/id1484836043 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non jail broken Requested Features: free to play
  8. Sweetheart Don’t worry, it’s the internet not you...people tend to be a little more crass and a little less patient than they would in real life. I know it’s hard not to take stuff personally but you have to try. I have a hard time with it too I know how you feel. And don’t ever feel bad for asking a question! Not just on some website, but for the rest of your life! Only dumb people don’t want to know what’s going on. XOXO

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