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  1. @C H U C K Y well in fact I'm having hard times controlling my INNER COMRADE
  2. Fist of all I didn't even get a new folder when I downloaded Theos so then I have searched up some TuTs about Theos and found this: cd /var && git clone git://github.com/coolstar/theos.git (credits to @DiDA by the way) so I just made a new folder called "theos" in /var and then in terminal I used that command so I got everything required in "theos" folder including the "sdks" folder with everything needed
  3. Yep the hack defenetly works. Just follow the steps and you'll be fine. P. S You may be experiencing the problem because after step 8 you have to wait patiently and DO NOT press anything at all
  4. Somehow it conflicts with Safari and because of that I can't open any site on it
  5. I'm totally not sure if it's gonna somehow help but have you installed Apple File Conduit 2?
  6. [Hidden Content] HACK NO LONGER WORKS!!!!!
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