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  1. When are you gonna update DLGMemor Injected with Near functions and batch functions and etc?

  2. Since I haven’t seen anyone post apples UIDebuggingOverlay working for iOS 11 I thought I would share. As of iOS 11, Apple has added several checks to ensure that only internal apps that link to UIKit have access to these private debugging classes(such as UIDebuggingInformationOverlay). Now that - (UIGestureRecognizerState)state { return UIGestureRecognizerStateEnded;} was determined to be needed and a few others with the help of swizzling we now have it working in all its glory on iOS 11. To reveal like or comment: [Hidden Content] This has been built to require Activator and is pre-set upon install to be activated by double tapping the status bar on the right side. Or you can set the Anonymousx Dbug toggle in activator to whatever event you would like. This is only for ios11 arm64 due to changes Apple made in the OS and the old tweaks no longer working.
  3. I have responded to your message and looking into the issue when I get home tonight.
  4. A few issues came up with near but batch I beleave is done and finding a different way to “freeze” and “continue” game that won’t effect DLGMemor at the same time. Sorry trying to juggle work and getting this perfected but don’t want to post a half-ass update that could cause issues. So still improving and testing.
  5. Yes you can. Download my deb and extract it then go to /Library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibrarys/DLGMemorInjectedBundle.bundle/DLGMemor.dylib now take this dylib with your cracked app and you can use insert_dylib https://github.com/Tyilo/insert_dylib with monkeydev or objection or have your your own script. But if you aren’t familiar with these then that will give you some good readying to understand better. Also don’t trip on what others say. It’s not easy trying to learn this sh!t and truly what better place then here to ask questions. Just remember “READ” as much as you can I can’t stress that enough.
  6. Coming, working on getting updates to where I feel comfortable to post. Plus I don’t want to be “that guy” but I do have a few projects I’m working outside of this (My Job lol) so trying to juggle them all. Thank you guys for interest, support, and suggestions. If anyone would like to buy me a coffee to stay up and put in those extra hours its always appreciated https://paypal.me/BlakeBrunner No problem just trying to give back to IGG for what they have given to me
  7. I make it and post it here first and you refer to obtain it outside your forum? Hahaha ok @MODZ4FUN420 looks like I will pass it to you for the next update. Still got a few bugs to wrap up but should be soon.
  8. Can you expand on that? Like freezing but then failing or not freezing but crashing? Was as the number searched a specific one ( like 3.20000004768 or just 3) because vague search like 3 or 0 will most likely cause a crash because of allocated memory.
  9. Not to be a total 8====D but did you read the output? You can download it here: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/debs2.0/applist_1.5.9_iphoneos-arm.deb
  10. This should work with all iOS 11. Sorry I have my nic.pl set to put 11.3.1 but let me know if you do have an issue with installing and I will make the needed changes in update. Should let me know if it doesn’t for some reason.
  11. iGameGod Cheat Engine is now available! Since people are liking DLGMemor cheat engine for the PUBG app I thought I would make it so you can load it into any app. Once installed go into settings and choose what app you want. Due to some upcoming updates at this time this is for iOS 11 arm64 only. Comment or like to reveal download. Requirements: 1. Jailbroken iDevice 2. iOS >= 11 [Hidden Content] Still trying to finish the following upgrades with what little time I have available. 1. Near function 2. Batch function 3. Tolerances 4. Speed controller of app 5. App pause aka background freeze i will try and upload video soon for some of the updates and how they will function. For now sorry for delay but here is an updated version that works on lower iOS than 11 and allows armv7. For anyone with iOS 11 on arm64 there is no benefit in this update. [Hidden Content]
  12. Their cracked app works fine for me. There are 2 totally different ways to do it. If jailbroken it’s simple, but if jailed you will need a dev cert and proper provisioning profile with the right entitlements. So are you jailed and if so do you have paid dev cert. ps. If not you can get one from Apple for $99 or there is a way to get it for $13 and it will work with new jailbreak 11.3.1 (using multipath entitlement)
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