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  1. :new::update: My iapcracker2 +9



    1. Ventilador


      Where do i get it?

  2. This jailbreak look fake so stay away from it ttps://checkrain.com

  3. what a day 😊

  4. Some time you get this error if you spell it wrong if you put test.plist but some there else you could had put Test.plist it best not used any cap on any like this if it don’t match up you will get that error like you got
  5. I sent you a link to show you it work but up to you plus it will be a patcher hack so you can turn it on and off in the device setting
  6. AVAST is know to have many false positives It ok software but it goin down hill plus I try Avast Ultimate it don’t pick up any think that tell me he got that spyware from some where else plus if 3utools is bad it works be all over the internet
  7. try this first time and only once now I get a error code pop up and stay can not play the game can you fix it I can give you the error code number
  8. What rubbish 3utools is safe to used I bet you got spyware from some where else I give you a tip used Malwarebytes to clean up you pc or Mac
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