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  1. Tutorial How to crack apps without using iTunes

    Thanks! Any way to crack ios 11 apps yet?
  2. Help/Support help installing theos jailed

    i did that but it gives me this No such file or directory error, im at the part where i need to cd to theos and then run the install unix, but i dont know how to do that (;.;)
  3. Help/Support help installing theos jailed

    so like /Users/me/theos ? then what do i do?
  4. Help/Support help installing theos jailed

    how exactly do i do that? im a noob with terminal
  5. im following this tutorial and im on the last part but i dont understand how to do the terminal part, i have the theos-jailed files on my desktop, any help for this noob appreciated
  6. oh ok, will do. when cracking on rasticrac if the app has a space in between it wont recognize it. for example Swift Compiler, how would i do that? i try rc.sh Swift Compiler but it tells me unable to locate
  7. thank you! if its okay i need a little help setting up theos jailed, can i dm you?
  8. i just tried with rasticrac (kinda annoying that you have to get the ipa from itunes) and impactor gave me this error: ./plist.hpp:201 not PLIST_STRING <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.dillonbuchanan.codehub</string> </dict> [Status] but the app still installs and runs normal...
  9. im trying to crack an ipa from my iphone downloaded off of the appstore
  10. hmm it still doesnt show .plist, could it be the way clutch is set up? or do i have to get the ipa from itunes?
  11. yes on mac, i did and theres only one file there which is an exec
  12. i ziped the ipa and extracted it if that counts and all i see is the artwork, ItunesMetadata.plist, payload . how do i check with ifile? sorry
  13. sorry but how do i check that?
  14. i cracked an app with clutch, pasted onto my computer to sideload with impactor version 0.9.42 but i get this error ipa.cpp:444 cannot find .app/Info.plist what could this be causing error?
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