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    Also have a iPhone 6+ on Electra 11.1.2, 2 iPhone 6s+‘s running Yalu102 and Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreaks, an iPhone 5 on iOS 8.4, an iPhone 4 on 7.1, jailbroken iPad on iOS 5.1.1 and orig iPhone on iOS 3 jailbreakme. Lately been mostly making tweaks, but still interested in making game cheats with iGG, gdb, debugserver/lldb, and IDA. Always up for learning new things, and meeting new people.
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  1. Thank u for working report. I updated to latest app version myself and it’s still working.... was hesitant to update since I use the hack so much. Thx to u I have better app version now, and still free.
  2. That is so cool. I really need to learn how to do non-JB tweaks (besides save games). Might have to dig in to tutorials again when I have time. It’s like, I kind of know, but it’s uncharted territory for me. Would love to make an original mod menu too. Both are on my bucket list for 2019. Congrats on the killer app, and to e1 who contributed cheats. You guys really are Gods.
  3. The app has subtitles in French, and I got rid of settings, just install newest app version, my hack, respring and you can find films and TV in both languages. (Or at least have translations at bottom)
  4. Redid it from scratch. Found out this app really has a field day with ur personal info. I’m blocking it from taking ur phone number which I believe they are selling to telemarketers (had 2 random calls shortly after the upgrade, and found where they use java to hide jacking ur info.) Anyways I’ll keep looking for more security issues with it. I think I’m going to stick to CotoMovies until I investigate further tho. My tweak has added security / privacy but I wouldn’t consider it complete for now. Anyways it’s working great with latest app update on my 8+ 11.3.1, let me know if anyone has issues. I took a little more time with this build, hopefully good on all devices. Just download the new file from first page after updating app in Cydia.
  5. I’m going to make a new version that doesn’t mess with any of the initialization hooks. The new update breaks it on my device, which was working perfectly b4 on 11.3.1, and fairly well on iPad 9.3.5.... Anyways to anyone reading this don’t update yet if it’s working for you. Update will break it. Will have new version up soon for latest app version, and hopefully fix the crashes some users experienced.
  6. Thanks for the working report. I just tested on my old iPad 2 on 9.3.5 and it worked. (I use this app/hack almost every day on 11.3.1) Now I can use it on the old iPad Ingot for Christmas. My recent MediaBoxHD hack works on all my devices too, but some ppl on iOS 11 have had issues. Thankfully no one has had any problems with this hack. Think I’m going to have to learn more about the new substrate because the ppl that had issues were using it on iOS 11.
  7. Do you have the new substrate installed? I’ll take another look at it tomorrow to see what could be causing it on some devices. I tested on 10.0.1, 9.3.5 iPad and 11.3.1 iPhone 8+, but none with the new substrate. someone else let me know it wasn’t working for them tho on their iPad with substrate on 11.3.1.... Anyways I’ll have a diff version up tomorrow with a modified approach and will test out substrate. Hopefully will have it working on all devices and setups.
  8. Hacked app: MediaBoxHD Version 2.3.2 (latest version- new Update of tweak and app) 1-12-19 Source: http://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo/ Compatible with: All jailbroken devices iOS 9.0-11.4b3 (This hack needs XZ utils from Bingner repo to work on iOS 9-10, will make new build soon that won’t make u update tools if u don’t want.) Hack Features: 1.) Ad removal (Banners, video ads, etc) 2.) Turbo Mode- No bandwidth throttling when using cellular, or any other time; fastest download / streaming speeds available. 3.) Privacy Protection: Device ID(UUID + IDFA), WiFi, Bluetooth and MAC address hidden, and more info they shouldn’t be collecting. (Like ur phone number!) Note: I was disturbed when looking at how much they may be playing with user data and it’s not 100% private. Use app at ur own risk. Will work on finding their other sneaky ways of collecting data. 4.) VIP streams- (beta feature) Works about 3/4 of the time, if it doesn’t load VIP version it will load fastest available stream. It’s normal to have a couple seconds delay waiting for it to load Premiumized version. Sometimes it asks for Capcha before using a premium stream. 5.) Picture in Picture works for trailers, so you can browse and watch trailer at same time. (Requires ForceInPicture tweak) Made as a request for @N3xus [Hidden Content] Installation instructions: 1.) Download app from Cydia, from dtathemes repo, or official version from MediaBoxHD website. 2.) Download tweak from hidden 3.) Copy tweak to Filza, tap on it and hit install. 4.) Respring, open app and enjoy. (Removed settings all features are always on.) More features coming soon including background audio, and better VIP integration (there’s usually a short delay / Captcha sometimes while waiting for VIP streams to load). ———————————————— Note: It is recommended to use a VPN whenever using apps like this. I haven’t had any issues but as a safeguard, and considering there are plenty of freemium VPN’s in here, might as well use one.
  9. Happy New Year! Someone PM’d me asking for MediaBox HD hack so was working on that tonight. Managed to remove ads, hide device identity info they shouldn’t need, and found methods for other cool stuff, all without using the app a single time. 😎

    I have to admit I was surprised when I opened it that it didn’t crash, let alone play a show for me without ads and with a blazing fast connection.


    Anyways, since MovieBox is kind of all over the place with different app versions, and I already pwnd MediaBoxHD, gonna start making that the main TV app I focus on besides CotoMovies.  Will have a deb to share soon. 


    I feel bad I haven’t been here as much as I used to, but I’ll never forget my roots, or my gratitude for every iOSGods member that has taught me something or helped me along the way.

    Happy New Year i0sG0D$ ‼️

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    2. i0s_tweak3r


      @Trinityz I have a few people that have tested so far still no one has ads. If by chance one slipped by me and my host blockers got it let me know plz.   Going to start a thread sharing this hack as soon as I have a couple more working reports. I just made a build for iOS 9-11.x and it worked on iPad 9.3.5, so almost ready to share it with the whole forum.

    3. Metiras


      UpdTe the tweak pls

    4. i0s_tweak3r


      @Metiras I didn’t just update it- completely re-wrote it for the latest app version. There’s a new deb in the thread just make sure you have the latest MediaBox version. (Unless there’s a new one that just came out that I’m not aware of, haven’t opened Cydia in a few days).

  10. I'll look into it. I would like to make some hacks for non-jailbroken besides save game cheats. Can't promise anything but will work on eventually making one. Btw to anyone wondering: hack still works with recent updates of CotoMovies from dtathemes repo.
  11. I’d add in Bubbles for messages app, can be dark, light or custom image, BetterSettings, similar tweak that goes well with Shuffle, both in creaturesurvive or dynastic repos (and prolly some of the pirate ones). CIR-DOCK. Can’t forget that classic that Julio updated. In his GitHub repo. Love that tweak. Homeswitcher is an awesome paid tweak. You can customize the cards and move it anywhere u want, Activator appearance and disappearing whenever u want. Harlem Shake 11- I think CPDigitalDarkroom updated this one but another classic (free) must-have. CCWallCustomizer- Great for custom image for wallpaper of control center. It’s inside ColorMyCCModules I believe or a stand-alone, by iKill3dApple. (Hope i spelled author’s name right.) In default repo. StackXI- iOS 12 group style notifications on iOS 11. Awesome tweak, compatible with other notification tweaks (like ColorBanners. Stylish11 and Cornuicopia). And...bam, spam! (Shameless self promo, my fave tweaks I released for iOS 11) LegiBilly- colorpicker options for most text, icon labels, highlights, lockscreen items, and statusbar. Made IDB’s top 30 of iOS 11 list. In BigBoss. Cornuicopia for custom rounded UI (or squared). Affects app switcher, notifications, CC modules, CC buttons, LS/HS Widgets, screen edge inside apps, all with separate sliders. (In BigBoss) I’ve also got one in my beta repo that is coming along quite nicely, FolderControllerXI. Custom open+closed folder radius, white+color opacity, Cool dark background as well as no blur for open folders, option to tap or pinch to close folders, hide titles of open folders, custom layout inside folders 4x4, 5x5, 2x4, 4x3, 6x6? No prob. Sliders for columns, rows, and custom top, side and bottom insets. Just waiting on finishing nested folders and couple other options b4 release but it’s stable. https://i0s-tweak3r-betas.yourepo.com/pack/foldercontroller Finally... not mine, but can’t leave out of post- Snowboard. . It does more in some areas then Anemone, less in others, but is much easier on battery, no random freezes or crashes from it. It is a very clean and smooth tweak/ theme engine.
  12. 11.3.1 is my daily driver always up for seeing tweak lists. Could probably contribute some too I’ve found in non-default repos that are some of my faves. Some good ones here...honored one of mine made this list. (Won’t say which so as not to spam lol) IDownloadBlog-the-best-jailbreak-tweaks-for-ios-11/
  13. Checked this out after previously using doubleh3lix jailbreak on my GF’s device on 10.3.3. I went to visit website to check latest version of Meridian after Apple had revoked the doubleh3lix app I had installed on the device, which had a reboot and lost jailbreak. Not sure if this installs Cydia on first time jailbreaks or if it’s just a rejailbreak tool, but it should work on all 64 bit devices 10.0-10.3.3, I personally only tested 10.3.3 but latest app version and Twitter posts say it’s for all iOS 10. (64 bit = iPhone 5S and newer, 1st iPad Air and all newer iPad releases.) This works regardless of which jailbreak you previously used, as I switched from doubleh3lix to Meridian and all tweaks were there, no data loss. So far all good, smooth sailing. No reboots or freezes that apparently haunted earlier releases/ release candidates. [Hidden Content] Video demo: Credits: @iBSparkes aka PsychoTea, Siguza, iDownloadBlog, and other contributors.
  14. There’s two places it shows followers, on your sidebar, and main profile page. This hack only changes the main profile pages. Did you check both, or the main profile pages? Also, After entering fake follower/following numbers you have to close Twitter and reopen at least once. Sometimes twice but I’m going to change the way the prefs are done so soon it will be instant. Worst case, can you try a respring after entering values, and report back? (Also I’m sure u probably know this but make sure “Enabled” button is on.) Update: tried this on Meridian and it worked on 10.3.3 iPhone 6+. It previously worked on doubleh3lix jailbreak as well.
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