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    Also have a iPhone 6+ on 12.0.1, 3 iPhone 6s+‘s running UO 12.1.2, Yalu102 and Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreaks, an iPhone 5 on iOS 8.4, an iPhone 4 on 7.1, jailbroken iPad on iOS 5.1.1 and orig iPhone on iOS 3 jailbreakme. Lately been mostly making SB tweaks, but still interested in looking under the hood of apps wth gdb, debugserver/lldb, and IDA. Always up for learning new things, and meeting new people.
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  1. Updated the tweak to work on current app version that you can download from the website, as well as added compatibility for A12 and A13 devices. Working good for me on iOS 13.4.1 and 13.2.2, as well as 11.3.1 iPhones. Haven’t tested iPad yet but should work. Edit: tested on iPad on iOS 13.4.1 working good.
  2. Finally updated CotoMovies hack for latest app version and added A12 Support. New link is in the CotoMovies thread. If you have an older version of MediaBox, and a working version of my hack for that, hold off a little longer on updating the app(ads slipped through in the last few updates). Going to make a new version soon, now that I’ve updated the majority of the SB tweaks I’ve made for A12.

    Also, if anyone is interested in carrying the torch for these two apps, DM me and I’ll share my methods / code. I just don’t have the time anymore to keep up as often, and when I do get time I’ve been focusing more on development/ SB tweaks.

    1. Laxus


      Add this on iOSGods App

  3. Just caught up CotoMovies to current app version and added A12 support, will start working on this one soon. If you have access to the older app version, from when this was made (the 2nd time), it still works great in the meantime. I was using it a lot until yesterday; I finally updated the app on my main device tho to force me to start working on the current version, and adding support for A12. Shouldn’t be too long.
  4. That’s what I was wondering lol. Maybe they thought it was full VIP. It usually does give premium streams not normally available, but the one labeled “VIP” doesn’t. Ad removal is 100%. App works great on my X, 8+ and 6s+ on 11 and 12 UO. I have heard a couple ppl say they had an issue with iPad on Electra, tho. Not sure why. 🤔
  5. Another user reported they think it’s an Electra-related issue, since I’m Uncover it worked. One hack might not be worth switching jailbreaks, but there are lots of better reasons to switch(that could fill another thread). You won’t lose tweaks or anything either, they made transition flawless to switch. It was for me at least.I just rejailbroke with UO, updated tools from there, and after respring was all good, had tweaks still installed and prefs saved.
  6. @GamerXtz The latest version had preference bundle removed, as it wasn’t needed. You should be able to just open app after installing tweak (and resprining) and it should work. It was made on an iPhone plus, and tested on 6+, 6s+, 8+ and X. I don’t have an iPad to test on at the moment, but for all devices and iOS versions I tested on it worked. It sounds like maybe iPad has an issue. If you got a crash, you can DM me the Crash Log and it would help to see why only iPad is affected, so I can make an update for iPad. (If that’s the issue). Also not sure if it makes a difference but all the devices I tested on are using substrate at this point, and Uncover jailbreak. There’s a chance Electra might not support it. I haven’t even tried to keep up with Electra updates since making the switch to Uncover on iOS 11. I had tested on Electra for first version, but latest version was made with UnCover and only tested on Uncover devices.
  7. What app version/ device / iOS are you on? I tested on 11.4 iPhone X, 11.3.1 iPhone 8+ for iOS 11, the newer version is the one you want. Can u also check in Cydia you have tweak version 0.0.2-1 installed? MediaBox version 2.3.3 from dtathemes.
  8. Just tested on iOS 12.1.2, latest app V2.3.3 from dtathemes works great. The “premiumize” isn’t full VIP access, it just loads an extra high quality server you wouldn’t normally have access to. Sometimes it asks for capcha but not always. Not all movies, TV shows etc have the extra server but majority seem to. Anyways main feature of Full Ad Removal working 100% and also was able to use ChromeCast with it.
  9. Sorry. Will check both questions (iOS 12 shouldn’t be an issue but will verify myself. I’ve been using CotoMovies more myself didn’t notice if there was an update and I batch updated... will install both app and tweak fresh on iOS 12 and let u know.
  10. Just sent you the first link. Sorry it took so long work was crazy today and I fell asleep shortly after posting winners. Will get everyone else shortly.
  11. And the winners are: (in no order) 1). @gogigogi1 2.) @Zahir 3.) Damn- he said not to @. him and now I forgot the name. “I see dead people” followed by don’t @ me...... @Darkmeow1670 Honorable mentions/ : More free copies go to: @slayer09x @Joeking4312 @Amuyea I’ll be DMing the above tagged ppl with a download link soon. Either later tonight or more likely tomorrow, all winners and honorable mentions will have gotten their copy’s. (need to make DRM like crazy hard to crack first). If you want to get update(s), just let me know. After making any updated version(s) I’ll send a new link or get u added to the whitelist for that package in the Repo. I’m still adding more localizations, and have one last feature I decided I want to add before releasing this in a default. Feel free to use tweak on other devices you own, but please don’t otherwise redistribute it without permission. Thanks, and congrats to the winners!
  12. Think I have to pick winners by tomorrow. Feel free to enter if ur on iOS 12.0-12.1.2 as well since I’ve been testing on Rootless JB and am confident it’ll be bug free in a full JB, which is coming soon I can feel it. (The hype maybe, but I already did remount on uncover 12.1.2, it was painless and easy, and didn’t lose Rootless tweaks.)
  13. Lol I’m terrible at making dope setups. I just make the tweaks and then marvel at how well other people are able to use them on their devices.
  14. The person eventually gave up and just restored in iTunes. Hope he learned his lesson- don’t change system files unless you know exactly what they do, especially ones as important as system version. We can lock this as unsolved.
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