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    Also have a iPad on iOS 13.7 jailbroken, iPhone 7+ on 14.2 jailbroken, a jailed iPhone 12 Pro Max, an iPhone 6+ on 12.4.1, 3 iPhone 6s+‘s running UO 12.1.2, Yalu102 and Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreaks, an iPhone 5 on iOS 8.4, an iPhone 4 on 7.1, jailbroken iPad on iOS 5.1.1 and orig iPhone on iOS 3 jailbreakme. Lately been mostly making SB tweaks, but still interested in looking under the hood of apps wth gdb, debugserver/lldb, and IDA. Always up for learning new things, and meeting new people.
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  1. Your welcome. This is one of my favorite hacks as of late since it is only screwing over Apple. 😂
  2. Possibly Safari’s user defaults? That would be super easy to steal them if so, unless they are encrypted as data. That would make it a little harder. I know it’s not in the main [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] that you can find in FLEXing or Filza. I’ve gone through that several times exploring settings that were hidden, but available on the plist w/o even building a tweak.
  3. Yeah I keep most of my passwords in there. Safari is full of exploit potential (remember they’ve had several jailbreakme web exploits, and that’s just what was shared with the community). I’m not sure where the auto-saved passcodes are stored, or if they are more secure, I just know I can’t keep track of like 70 some passwords on like 9 devices without using a password service of some kind.
  4. It was the first I saw of them. It really rubbed in my face how lazy I was about re-using passwords. If someone breached one or two accounts they could guess like 70 more. With the huge hack the government went through as well as most big companies recently that e1 has been so hush hush about when it comes to specifics, I don’t think it’s too hard to believe at least one of those companies had my data breached, and that’s why iOS started giving warnings. I’ve only gotten them on my non-jailbroken iOS 14.2 device. I never got warnings on my jailbroken 7+ on 14.2, it was just weird timing that I was on the app when the warning popped up. There’s a lot more plausible ways it could have been breached, too. My Apple ID wasn’t a very strong password. They don’t require the auto generated strong passwords except for the app specific ones..
  5. No worries. Thanks. I’ll get in touch tomorrow. A probably unrelated issue, but as soon as I hit install the first time I immediately got a security alert (from iOS) saying several of my accounts were in a known data breach, so right now I’m having to change a million passwords. Some of them without two factor were already changed by whoever breached the accounts when I went to change them, so it was probably just weird timing and not a security issue with the app. I’ve been lazy with passwords for too long and now am paying the price for it.
  6. I used an app specific password (twice- two different ones) trying to install Cercube with my dev account with the iOSGods app but it keeps giving me an error saying something went wrong, if it persists to ask for support. (I don’t have a PC to use sideloadly) My UDID was correct. I checked that in iTunes and rechecked. I used a different bundleID each time. Does the Cercube hack require you use the original BundleID of YouTube? Also, is there any way to download the ipa so I can use Impactor if it won’t work with the iOSGods app?
  7. Cool. I was wondering if any other countries had it. I gave it away to several friends in private and pretty much everyone that didn’t live in the US didn’t have it in their App Store.
  8. Added a new hack to access Apple News+ articles and magazines without paying $10/month to Apple.  The best part is it doesn’t even fake a purchase, it just exploits a few methods that check if the user should have access.

    The only downside is apparently the app isn’t available in many countries outside the US. You can still DL the app tho with an alternate AppleID and a VPN, though.


    Here’s the thread:


  9. Actually I messed up. Try now it should be working. I copied the wrong part of the download link. It’s corrected now. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Look in the section that says “hidden content”. I used iosddl for easy downloading. Edit: ( I messed up the original link it’s correct now tho I just checked.)
  11. Hacked App: Apple News (not available in all countries, primarily US and UK based as far as I know. The tweak will work on any country that has AppleNews though.) App Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/apple-news/id1066498020 Compatibility: All devices from iOS 12-14.x. (Tested on iPad iOS 13.6, iPhone X (13.5, XR and 6+ on 12.4, and 7+ on 14.2). You can install Apple News from the US App Store with an alternate AppleID and VPN if it’s not available in your country. Also need Filza or other method to install the downloaded deb. Hack Features: Removes the paywall to Apple News+ articles, allowing you to access any article in the Apple News app, including magazines. Note: it technically does NOT fake a subscription, so you will still see banners asking you to sign up for News+ “to see more articles like (the one you are reading)”. It’s not necessary to sign up unless you want that banner removed. Typically the banner appears hiding the article, blocking everything except the headline and first two sentences. This hack tricks the app into giving you access to Apple News+ content that is normally blocked with a paywall. Install instructions: Download .deb file from hidden. (Called NoMorePaywalls.). Save to Filza. Install in Filza, respring, profit. Enjoy access to all news without paying Apple $10/month. The News+ tab in the tabBar is also unlocked, giving access to all normally “plus” articles. [Hidden Content] Without Hack Familiar Paywall: Images showing hack in action:
  12. The tweak (BetterMediaBoxHD) is still working. The full VIP hack done by adding cracked data and restoring via Apps Manager seems to work for a day or so and then it stops working. I think the app developer noticed there were over 4,000 people all using the same VIP subscription lol. The tweak is much better then nothing, but it isn’t full VIP. Also, since it was first made, some streams that previously were only available through this hack have been made available without it. (The m3u streams used to only work if you had the hack.) It’s still quite useful as an ad blocker and privacy tool though.
  13. A few users have said that. I mainly put that in the instructions because in the past when testing it didn’t work on one of my devices, and I think that was why. It seems like a good “best practice” to connect once as a free user before pretending to be premium. It’s nice to know it’s not necessary though. 👍👍 Thanks for the report! I’m going to update the app then and change the app’s version in the OP.
  14. Has anyone updated to the most recent version? I’m still using the version from the last update. I might just update on a device I don’t use much to test if no one confirms for me it still works. I just noticed an update in the App Store.
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