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  1. @Rook hi, still no access? Had confirmation mail for my new sub and VIP but app says my device has not been authorised yet? Please will someone activate me so I can get the app I paid for....
  2. @Rook also Rook I have just tried the device transfer and when you click submit the page does nothing. I have seen another user with this issue too. Please help, thanks
  3. @Rook i did try this however my new 3 month purchase via Gumroad does not contain an IG number? I have the subscription email from them and an invoice order number and a PayPal receipt but no activation email nor an IG-*** order number ? When I previously purchased it was a different process and was not via Gumroad at all. not sure how I can get this IG number. Please can you look at my account as it’s been paid for three months. I can pm you the subscription email from Gumroad if this helps resolve? It appears that the transaction has frozen ye5 it’s been paid for. No further email has been received. thanks
  4. @Rook Hi Rook, I know you are busy but I cannot find the answer to the below question/issue I have: on my previous iPad I signed up to the 1 month App+ and all was fine entered udid etc and installed. I recently sold that iPad and purchased a new one, this time I wanted 3 months JB app and none JB & App+ so I re purchased, this time I was not asked for udid or anything. I paid via PayPal and a site named IG. I have an email confirming purchase yet on my account on here it says awaiting payment and nothing has happened since? When I visit the progress url it says ‘install’ but then errors with udid not recognised so I assume it’s confusing this with my old iPad even though this is a new sub? please can you help as I need the 3 months purchased today on this iPad but still on my Lukus77 iOS gods account. Thanks.
  5. Thank you. Testing. Avoid this mod. Banned as soon as the game loaded for 10 years. Well and truly detected. thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I have not dropped it all and have not installed any new tweaks in the last couple of months. I was just on safari when it happened. No lines came up the screen went blue for around 2 seconds and then the iPad restarted whocvi obviously usually I just have to put back into a jailbroken state again but my worry is there is no writing on any apps or webpages just blank. The App Store loads but no names against apps or anything? I have hard reset and it's the same. Fully operational but with no writing on anything. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I am really hoping that someone can help me here. I have an iPad Air running 10.2 always been jailbroken had no issues until last night my screen went blue.... my iPad reset and now I have no writing on the App Store or anywhere and my safari internet pages are all blank white with a black padlock sign flashing all the time in the web address bar. I have SHSH blobs saved but is there a way around this? Re jail braking as I cannot see any writing at all? No idea what's happened or why. Can I downgrade from latest iOS to 10.2 if I did have to restore the iPad? Thanks
  8. Great work thanks very much ? Just tried this Joka and works great. So good ?
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a way on IOS to custom map buttons on games like forward assault so that I am able to use my Nimbus controller? Tried controllers for all and all the other random ones but these do not have the custom button mapping like we used to have with Blutrol back in IOS 7. I know android can do it but wondered if anyone had a solution? Any help would be great. Cheers ?
  10. Great job thank you ? Awesome work Joka ? Works great.
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