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  1. DiDA wants to be a VIP, I want to give it to him if I win ?
  2. It's the code(s) that you use not the DLG Cheat Engine. Lol. Are you using the magic bullet code?
  3. I told my wife she was drawing here eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.
  4. The anti-cheat doesn't do anything, that's fake & full of bullsh!t. All the codes posted will not get you ban (except the magic bullet) even without the fake anti-cheat code. All the dlg codes on this topic has been posted already on different threads here (except the fake anti-cheat code) and it doesn't get you ban. Only magic bullet (abusive use) can get you ban. So don't believe the anti-cheat thing. If you want a true anti-ban cheat use the VIP PUBG cheat (not 100% guarantee).
  5. Yes it's safe. No grass/tress & antenna still working with 0.8.5.
  6. Corrupted IPA or not properly cracked.
  7. Disable 2-factor authentication on your account or use a different apple id with no 2-factor authentication.
  8. Are you using the latest Cydia Impactor (v0.9.47)? If yes then probably the cracked IPA is the problem.
  9. Heard there's a ban wave from tencent so I played the game for 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today with this cheat engine enabled & I'm still not ban. Lucky me? LOL. Btw, I only use antenna & no grass/trees cheat.
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