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  1. Add if it's Tethered or Untethered jailbreak.
  2. Help/Support How can i import music to Music stock library

    Use iTunes or WALTR 2. I prefer WALTR 2, though it has a price.
  3. Flex 2016-2017 NBA App Premium Patch

    Latest update broke the patch. Do not update for now or if you already update, downgrade to a working version. Old version still will live stream 2017-2018 season. I'll push the patch once the season starts, fingers crossed.
  4. Flex 2016-2017 NBA App Premium Patch

    There's no point of updating to the latest version atm. I'll update the thread once the 2017-2018 starts. I'm still on version 7.0420 with iOS 9.0.2 iPhone and NBA TV Live & Archive games still works.
  5. iTunes 15$ Giveaway!!

    I love giveaways. Count me in good sir.
  6. Flex 2016-2017 NBA App Premium Patch

    Yes. Works with v7.0420.
  7. Introduction Well hello there

    Welcome Chris. Yeah I know you created the insanelyi app
  8. Flex 2016-2017 NBA App Premium Patch

    The patch still works. Enjoy the play-offs.
  9. Help/Support Cydia error

    Install Stashing for 9.2-10.2 from coolstar repo https://coolstar.org/publicrepo.
  10. Help/Support Cydia-lproj is not processed

    Try putting the cydia & cydia-lproj deb files in /var/root/Media/AutoInstall folder then reboot your device. If it doesn't work try using WinSCP to send files to your device via SFTP (may need OpenSSH installed on your device). Your computer & iDevice must be connected on the same Wi-Fi. Run WinSCP and SSH into your device, use the IP address from your Wi-Fi with username as root and password as alpine (assuming you didn't change your root username & pass before) to connect. When connected the file browser will open, put the deb files (cydia & cydia-lproj) in /private/var/root. Run WinSCP Terminal/command line & type this command in order dpkg -i cydia-lproj_1.1.8.1_iphoneos-arm.deb dpkg -i cydia_1.1.9_iphoneos-arm.deb (name & version of the deb files should be the same with the one you put in /private/var/root) then hit Execute. Wait 30-40 seconds to execute the process then type reboot and hit execute.
  11. Help/Support .Rar File

    You're making things complicated. Just extract the .rar file hack that you download from your PC using winrar or 7-zip then copy/transfer the extracted saved game hack file to your device.
  12. Is this even your patch? These has been posted way back & the flex patch still works with the latest version.
  13. Other PhoneRescue v3.2.x

    The most comprehensive data recovery tool, now more competent than ever. Recover deleted or lost messages, contacts, etc., back to iPhone/iPad Repair a broken iDevice from any system crash Pinpoint missing files that you need most at the first place PhoneRescue is your No.1 choice for iPhone data recovery as well as iOS repair plan. Premium version of iMobie PhoneRescue. Windows only. Homepage : https://www.imobie.com/phonerescue/ Patch [Hidden Content] VirusTotal Patch by URET TEAM
  14. VIP Giveaway #4 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Count me in. Good luck everyone.
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