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  1. There's a wallhack for android that can shoot through walls, that's why I'm asking. Lol. Thanks anyway, useless stuff.
  2. @0xAya Wall hack means you can see & shoot the enemy through walls? Or you can just see them through walls but can't kill them? I see the enemy through walls but it doesn't damage them when I shoot.
  3. Same here. Scores goes down on real players. You get your real scores. Speed hack also not working on real players. Works on AI.
  4. Mine doesn't. Running iOS 12.3 on A11 device. Career unlocks at Level 4 and Emotes unlocks at Level 5. There's an apk hack for speed where you shoot faster than your opponent creating more points. They use GameGuardian. I eventually encounter an opponent like that before where he/she scores almost 300. Please have a look at it for iOS & hopefully its not patch with latest updates. Gold + Speed hack would we awesome. A winner for sure. Lol.
  5. Seems the carreer & emotes unlock at level 1 doesnt work. I'm not sure if the other options of the hack works because I already have a high accuracy shots before this hack.
  6. Please add gold & speed hack if possible. Thanks. Awesome work btw.
  7. Thank you. Works now. But the new furniture/cottage update of the app is not unlocked. You still need to purchase.
  8. That won't work with Roblox. After you downgrade, once you open Roblox it will ask you to upgrade for you to be able to play. The hack needs update.
  9. I just followed the instructions. I have Safari Plus installed so I downloaded the file through Safari. I then use Filza & open the file with Apps Manager then select 'Restore App Data'. Go to Settings app & trust certificate.
  10. How will you know it no longer works? I tried it & I can access VIP servers when streaming.
  11. Appstore++ doesn't have 10.2.1 version of the app, oldest is 15.1.2. AppAdmin does have those old versions but I'm not sure if that tweak supports iOS 11 up.
  12. The new hack update crash the game upon opening. Pls. have a look at it. Btw, I use Liberty Lite to bypass jailbreak detection.
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