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  1. Hello! I recently made a tutorial, How to Change Netflix Region on iOS, and it got me to idea to do the same for PC. So here it is, enjoy! Requirements - A Netflix account Method - [Hidden Content] Quick sidenote: This is a free VPN and therefore it has a limit, you can only use 10GB of data on your account. Fortunately, you can create a new account over and over to bypass this.
  2. Hello! This is a very quick and simple guide on how you can unlock any region specific Netflix to fulfill your own needs, Requirements - To begin with this process all you need is a file manager, I would recommend Filza. Tutorial - 1. Firstly, head over to the App Store and download Hotspot Shield VPN 2. Without opening the application, head over to THIS forum post and complete the steps (Credit: @X204) 3. Once you've ran and installed the .deb package, you can go ahead and open the installed application (If it asks you to create an account, just hit the X button at the top left) 4. Select the country of which you'd like to change your regional Netflix to and press the connect button 5. Follow all the steps to set-up the VPN 6. Open Netflix There, you've done it!
  3. help with emulator bypass pubg((

  4. gamer girl bath water

    1. rezah5591


      Aka holy water

  5. Nvm i didnt realize i could change the proxy in wifi settings lmao 😂 but i fixed it now 🙂
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