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  1. Sadly, it crash after few minutes on iOS 14.0 on my iPhone 11 Filza detect that main binaries has been modified and shutdown the iDevice immediatly after reading this message EDIT: I tried both installation (through the App and through sideloadly) and it's doing the same thing. Crash after ~1min
  2. EDIT GB : thank you for your support you are the best ! EDIT FR : Merci de votre support vous êtes les meilleurs English size below this. Le francais est à la suite de celui en anglais. PLEASE READ ME : First i'm french so my english could be bad ^^' then when i saw this tweak i really want to share it with this community only so i didn't take the time to check if this tutorial already exist. If it is, i'm sorry Hi everyone this is my first topic to iOSGods' community I hope you will like it What do you need : -iDevice Jailbroken only [Hidden Content] When it's done just go on the official tweak you want and you will see "legally purchased" Then, Enjoy Don't forget to like my post it's free enough LISEZ MOI SVP : Dès que j'ai vu ce tweak, je me suis empressé de le partager avec la communauté d'iOSGods je n'ai donc pas pris le temps de regarder si un post présentant ce tweak avait déjà été fait. Si c'est le cas, je m'en excuse Voici mon premier post pour la communauté d'iOSGods J’espère que vous allez apprécier Ce qui est requis : -Un iDevice Jailbreaké [Hidden Content] Enjoy N'oublis pas de mettre un like c'est "encore" gratuit
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