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Everything posted by Ted2

  1. In your dump, search for keywords like “locked”, “unlocked” or “has”, “can” -> all booleans and return to True (or false if method says locked)
  2. You need to type "c" or "continue" in the putty window to resume the game.
  3. This prolly a Enum, so there’s some method that uses this Enum & you can just enter a value there. Search in the dump.cs for that Enum name & work from there.
  4. Yeah, testing locally still feels easier but say I've updated / added new features & I could update that with for example a makefile command "make update" or whatever, that would be cool. Also things like this could be build: Automatically link them to the new .deb if hack was updated. Though, do you think there will ever be support for own custom templates? Just curious, this project looks really cool.
  5. Can we create and compile it using API endpoints?
  6. A .deb is not an application, which an .ipa is. So no you can not convert such things.
  7. Disable passcode before jailbreak could fix it. You can enable it once you’re jailbroken.
  8. You need to load script.py not script.json.
  9. Well that's you not knowing how making hacks works. Try to dive into it & you might think otherwise.
  10. Some hacks simply can not be done the same way. Such as hooks, which you can not do on NJB.
  11. Offsets change each version of the game. I doubt the game is the same version when I wrote this tutorial.
  12. Some are ARM64e. And no worries, was just a joke.
  13. check if there's a isEnabled somewhere too or getEnabled then return that to true
  14. why not? It will crash on devices that have arm64e wasn’t theos updated to support arm64e compile?
  15. You should credit the person who made the ESP. Be fair.
  16. First try this: Download applist and rocketbootstrap from: http://rpetri.ch/repo If that doesn't work, try dis: 1. If you are in a jail broken state go into unc0ver and look for Rest0re RootFS 2. After it is finished Cydia should be gone (This Unjail broke the device) 3. Re-Jailbreak but make sure the option LOAD TWEAKS in enabled (IT NEEDS TO BE ON)
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