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  1. I have the same error unfortunately, I've no idea how to fix it, sorry.
  2. strange. could you pm the apk? So I can see if I’ve the same issue.
  3. ViP Plus = Non Jailbroken Vip hacks + Jailbroken Vip hacks ViP = jailbroken vip hacks
  4. Hi, welcome! i like your profile pic!
  5. Go to a libary or borrow it from a friend. Everyone has access to a computer one way or another.
  6. well in that case I think it’s what the error states, don’t you?
  7. Appstore Unrestrict from Julio Verne repo
  8. Any tutorials on becoming gay?

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    2. Pradeep6868


      While I’m here let me give You little something something:

      How to be gay? Put “daddy” at end of every sentences

    3. Amir0121
    4. Night Rose
  9. its been patched in latest version.
  10. because iapstore method is the same as any purchase. all those subscription apps are server sided with their subscription
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