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Cydia Does your Pangu/PP app crash when you try to launch and rejailbreak? Click here to fix

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Archangel04    5,299
4 hours ago, BigApple said:

Can't u mess with the date and time

You could probably. But why do that when all you need to do is make a shortcut and just do the same thing anyway?

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Archangel04    5,299
On 29 April 2017 at 4:20 PM, Ted2 said:

Thanks. Will it last 7 days too? 

The new certificate lasts for 7 days. The website method is forever

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Ted2    865
17 minutes ago, Archangel04 said:

The new certificate lasts for 7 days. The website method is forever

Oh thanks mate

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i0s_tweak3r    950

Nice tutorial. Might want to mention people who get locked out after random reboots and neither the website nor app work to rejailbreak. It happened to me, and a few ppl have put in support topics for it.


Re-using the app was the only way that worked for me.  (Along with following the instructions in that tut, and resetting network settings.)

Also I found a way to get the Chinese version of the app from Safari. You have to use the old date trick for it to work.  If anyone wants to jailbreak for the first time and doesn't have a computer handy, I've used this site:  http://j.25pp.com/ota_tutorial.html 

Its not officially from Pangu so use at your own risk. It worked for my friend tho, and she hasn't had any issues, and the app appeared exactly the same as original Chinese PP Jailbreak app.

To use that follow this tut:


If airplane mode doesn't work, change date to May 15,2015 when installing, turn date back to normal when trusting profile, then change date back to May 15, 2015 for first time using app.

*Sorry for spamming ur tutorial with tutorials from other sites. Just trying to be helpful.

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i0s_tweak3r    950
Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Ted2 said:

Oh thanks mate

You can use Extender (the hacked version) and Extendilife at http://julio.xarold.com to resign any sideloaded app every 5 days so it never expires.

Edited by i0s_tweak3r
Adding Extendilife.

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K1R1T0    143

Does this work for Home Depot as well?

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