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Everything posted by earbud

  1. Warning. Some of these PUBG DLG codes have high risk bans. Not sure if these will work on the new version (0.10.0) Hacks: Antenna (Running & Standing), Speed hack, Magic bullet [Hidden Content] NOTE: For me, it works around 75% of the time. Sometimes mid game while using antenna or the magic bullets, my game will crash and I have to re login. React to see the codes! Not sure if these were posted already or not. If you have, reply and tell me and I will delete it. Feel free to tell me if any of these work.
  2. #BringChatboxBack

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    2. Glavar94



      "What once made iOSGods full of happiness and gave us a reason to revisit, is now becoming the very thing that is dividing us.

      Starting now, the Chatbox will be severely limited. You will not be able to see or use the Chatbox for a while. During this time, we will evaluate whether iOSGods needs a Chatbox or not." - DiDa

    3. earbud


      oh, where did he say that?

    4. Glavar94
  3. BRUH, there was 3 failed detected logins onto my account from Spain lmfao

  4. WARNING! This high Aim Assist DLG code has a super high ban risk and use on alt. Aim assist is when your crosshair is on someone, it will help you move and stay on target while the other player is moving. The higher the aa is, the more it will stay on the victim. [Hidden Content] To test, join any match and put your crosshair on someone, when they move, it should follow a bit more than usual hope it worked if you have issues comment it. IF THIS HELPED YOU, PLEASE LIKE THIS THREAD.. thanks
  5. This method allows you to walk through corners of the walls in C-ops. Hope it works Requirements: Any device (Android, Non Jailbroken iOS, Jailbroken, etc.), Cops app, VPN How to do it: [Hidden Content] Hope this helped! Reply/React to see how to phase through walls.
  6. wHy WaS tHe ChAtBoX rEmOvEd?

    1. Future Curiosity

      Future Curiosity

      Idk but I’m bored without it


    2. Joka


      Glad it’s gone 😎

  7. what happened to hatbox

  8. Name of the game you want hacked: Brawl Stars Version of the game: 14.45 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/brawl-stars/id1229016807?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Requested Features: Autoupdate Modmenu unlimited ammo
  9. This glitch doesn't really help you win but it is super funny. It makes you look like you are throwing a gun. View screenshot below to see. Requirements: Any device, PUBG Mobile app [Hidden Content] Screenshot proof: Reply/Reply to this post to see how you can do it! Thanks!
  10. How to get uncOver jailbreak to work. Most likely. [Hidden Content] I hope this helped you! React or reply to the post to view the hidden content.
  11. This tweak allows you to repost other people's posts, save to photo albums, check whether someone follows you back, view a post in higher resolution, zoom in and out of your feed, see profile pictures in full screen, spoof followers/likes, and much more all within the app Requirements: Jailbroken Device Instagram app Repo & Tweak Name: [Hidden Content] Reply/React to see hidden content.
  12. anyone have the download link to Targo? the discord raid bot

  13. anyone knows why this keeps happening? I'm on 11.3.1 and every time I use unc0ver 3.0.0, while im jailbroken, it randomly reboots and I lose my jailbreak. There is no lower version of unc0ver anymore 

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    2. Joey


      Support topic. Not status update.

    3. earbud


      oh oops 

    4. Cr4zyDragon


      rootfs then use electra

  14. Thanks @0xS14T3Rfor vip <3 

  15. anyone have a discord nuke bot?

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    2. sh0zzy


      Okay I know what you mean, give me a minute

    3. sh0zzy


      @earbud okay here , this is Targo its basically a self bot ,use a different account token not your own ofc. If you need help just message me 

    4. earbud
  16. Do at your own risk, I got a temporary ban (48 Hours) for this. This allows you to teleport and peek corners before you actually arrive at the corner. You are basically able to see if there are any enemies around the corner a few seconds early. This should allow you to prefer everything Requirements: Jailbroken or Non Jailbroken Device or any other device including Android, Critical ops app, WiFi, working VPN How to do it: [Hidden Content] Hope this works for you. Worked for me a few times. Reply or React to see the hidden content. Feel free to tell me if this works for you.
  17. This isn't exactly a hack but its a glitch. If you have c-ops, you can go into a wall and shoot through from it. Theres other spots but in this post, I will be using the Plaza one. How to do it: [Hidden Content] REACT TO SEE HIDDEN CONTENT
  18. anyone know any vpns that can go to antarctica


    1. Conscious


      yeah, VPN-Antarctica

    2. TheArmKing


      ans who is gonna operate it? penguins??

    3. Fadexz


      I don't think people keep servers in Antartica, not a good idea.

  19. 935851 damn Zimon nice bot
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