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  2. Also try ios 11, I didn’t have a problem with that one either, personally I use iOS 10.3 and 9.3
  3. Alright before I start, this is not intended for ANY drama whatsoever it’s for me to get out my feelings for you guys. Last few months I’ve gotten a lot of hate from people saying I leech people’s hacks and I’m a leecher blah blah blah. During around summer 2018 when I started on iOS hacking I hacked critical ops as one of my first hacks, I got some help from my friend Ezi who also worked on the game somewhere else, it wasn’t right for me to take credit for all the hacks that was there, I should have gave him credit for the cool few features he gave me fly hack, skin hack walk through walls, commit suicide, increased aim assist, and shoot through walls, I’m sorry @Ezi_ Back in February / March I asked for help with chams from a guy name ruit on discord, I will not mention where he is from due to restrictions on this site, he showed me some code I should add or remove from caoyins wall hack as you know it’s a public code and it’s very close to what the private one is with a lot more things to make it easier to use. He ended up blocking me because I didn’t credit him for his work and I was being an ass about it and afraid to tell that he helped me I am sorry. Im very sorry to @DADi @Amuyea @0xSUBZ3R0 @Zahir @DanYal @absolut1on @Archangel04 and to any previous cheaters that believed me for what I have done, I’m very sorry
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