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  1. I am sorry if I haven't been online for so long. I am still busy as hell, but I will make it up for you guys in a few months.

    Thanks for everything,

  2. You can delete the MAC OS folder, if I remember well there's only the .plist file that in HelixJump/Library/Preferences/ in there you'll see your file. Replace it with the one downloaded from the link and then you are good to go ?
  3. Maybe if you send a screenshot or tell me what errors you get I can help you
  4. Did you replace the files in the right directory? It should work anyway on version 1.2.4
  5. If you are not jailbroken you need a computer in order to unzip and replace the files
  6. What? The link, the cheat, it doesn't install, ... Explain better yourself or send a picture ?
  7. Sure, Discord: Day03#6828 Can I then upload your save file on this topic? (I will give you the credit) ?
  8. Yeah I don't actually use that app. I use Tidal, but I thought it would be great to share this app for people that don't want to spend money for music
  9. It doesn't work this way, If you are not jb you NEED a computer. What's the use of having the files in your device if you can't replace them?
  10. Were you banned before? Maybe it's that so try to disable GameCenter or don't log in to Facebook because you only need to replace the files so
  11. It does, are you replacing the files in the right place?
  12. In this section you'll find useful accounts (also UFC ones) https://iosgods.com/forum/63-accounts-section/ Tomorrow I will post a topic with some UFC accounts so you can have a few of them meanwhile your request get filled (if it ever will)
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