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  1. I am sorry if I haven't been online for so long. I am still busy as hell, but I will make it up for you guys in a few months.

    Thanks for everything,

  2. You can delete the MAC OS folder, if I remember well there's only the .plist file that in HelixJump/Library/Preferences/ in there you'll see your file. Replace it with the one downloaded from the link and then you are good to go ?
  3. Maybe if you send a screenshot or tell me what errors you get I can help you
  4. Did you replace the files in the right directory? It should work anyway on version 1.2.4
  5. If you are not jailbroken you need a computer in order to unzip and replace the files
  6. What? The link, the cheat, it doesn't install, ... Explain better yourself or send a picture ?
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