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  1.  Save Game Spiral Tower +3

    Nice little game, thanks for your share
  2. Really nice mega hack, thanks a lot for this one ZahirSher
  3. VIP Giveaway #4 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Nice, funny to have a "surprise game" as we don't know what will be given away
  4. Thanks, but impossible to download your files using my ipad, your file protection system asks to solve a puzzle to unlock the link, but this puzzle doesn't appear on my ipad, using safari or chrome. So impossible to get the files. Could you please send me a direct link to get them ? Thanks a lot in advance. Ok, found a direct link in another post , got the savegame, thanks again.
  5. Thanks for your share, must be a very nice one, but absolutely impossible for me to get the hack on my ipad, prevented by all the "sex spam" appearing in the download process.
  6. 3 LVL 31 Pokemon Go ACC GIVEAWAY

    This is a very good idea ... Nice game, thanks, and in advance a very nice Xmas time to everyone
  7. Splendid one, thanks for this great share
  8. Yep, that's a real milestone, you should start a celebration game for it, hehe
  9. Wow, that's incredible !!
  10. They're updating fastly these days, the game is now in version 1.10, already needing a new update ..
  11. DIY Hack Taps for Money hack (15$ in 5 minutes)

    Why not, could be useful if this is still working
  12. My Main Topic

    Nice job, thanks for the whole community
  13.  Save Game Mucho Taco +8 (All Versions)

    Sure, on a 3d printer !!
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