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  1. @DiDA I hope I'm still eligible for this. Haha Requested Award/s: Member for Years, ViP(former), and any other applicable awards Proof: Join Nov 2014, Can check my past subscriptions, and yeah.
  2. Damn it's been four years since iapphacks closing. :'( Kinda missed some people from there. 

  3. Nope. Either you decide to stay or update to your devices latest os and rejailbreak. Do not use OTA. Or if you want to play some games' compatible version then you just need to download it using itunes with your account(you don't need to complete the download), it will save the downloaded game/app on your account and then you go to appstore and find it in the downloaded section, it will download the last compatible version of it.
  4. This happened to me when I tried upgrading to the latest llvm+clang update and this is my only issue, I just ignored the update because it states that it's for x64 devices while mine's still x32 .Other updates works fine.
  5. App crashes at sync (though disabling the hack first and letting it sync first then closing and enabling the hack fix it but now it crashes 10-20 seconds after the assets are loaded)
  6. Awww I thought that would be fix. And btw have you fixed the problem regarding the springfield heights issue where you can't use donuts to skip?
  7. Notice me Zahir <3

  8. Games iOS - Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, Dragonvale, Geometry Dash, The Simpsons Tapped Out PC - League of Legends, Rules of Survival, TF2
  9. Logout of Game Center from Settings then log back in. Then Open Game Center and find Injustice in games section then click play.
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