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  1. That's outdated, and this tut is for every version
  2. This has been posted but with this we can get any car so basically you'll just get the best car in 5 mins
  3. You just need a Jailbroken iOS Device with: GameGem {Available at the pre-added BigBoss repo so just search, install, respring and you should have GameGem on your screen} Filza/iFile [Filza is recommended because of easy Application access] Hack Features: Dollars {Coins} Gold The allowance of getting blueprints for a car to build it or upgrade it: As you can see above, it says 'Buy 35 and build' which is not normally available so this hack will allow you to buy blueprints for any car with gold. It may be expensive but the gold hack with this will get you the best car in no time! This is a updated hack and will work for the latest! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Help/Support In game purchases

    Try it on other apps and see if it freezes
  5. Introduction hello from meee

    Oh good! We have common interests Anyway,
  6. Count to 3,000

  7. Still too rich for my blood
  8. Introduction Doomedkimchi says hi

    Don't worry we got tons and tons great hacks for Non-ViP users too
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