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  1. is college life suck?

    1. ZahirSher


      I actually like it, its better than high school. Classes end early but its tough xD 

    2. youngpilots


      but it's too much works lol

  2. I had been joined IOSgods since 2016, but it was because of i'm used jailbreaking device, so i was looking for hack game and all stuff. Then until now, all the hack that i had been looking for was here, everything is here. And I really appreciated everyone made the cheats, and especially @DiDA , the real one always here for us. Now IOSgods is my first page appear in anytime I open my computer. I'm not using jailbreak anymore, but i"m always here for non-jailbroken.
  3. i put chilies sauce inside my girlfriend underwear, and i can't have sex with her for 2 months
  4. I want this account because I want me to play this game, i never play this game lol
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