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  1. Yah the range option works. I tested it on a few mobs and a boss, maybe it doesnt work for others but rn it works. Read the instructions first on the topic. Yah you need the app first
  2. I guess it’s pretty helpful I just tested it and it works well but it’s pretty buggy like it shows visually my health isn’t decreasing but I still die (when I toggle on and off for melee god mode) I can’t tell whether it’s working or not. The ranged one is pretty good tho. Idk if the melee god mode is helpful tbh since it’s linked but it might be helpful in some quests idk good features tho
  3. Thanks for your help! Turns out I did have to reinstall the latest version, didn’t know he updated. Thanks man 🙏
  4. Rebooted and did everything it just doesn’t work no error or anything I toggled the cheats off and on and doesn’t work
  5. Hm makes sense. Uh I noticed when doing garden Cecilia it doesn’t register like after I claim all the rewards it disappears after
  6. Thanks for the giveaway! First post, but I would like the Apple Card so I can buy stuff like discord nitro and other things to support other developers.
  7. Bump its fun to troll friends lol
  8. This looks really good... did you use a font for typing your name or did you draw it out? Sorry for kinda necro posting but this post is at the top rn anyways
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