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  1. That Modmenu probably does not have support for Unity framework
  2. lldb works on ios 13+ on Mac0s
  3. Find stuff like ispremium or isuserpremium sometimes isvip or ispro etc or even try Bool premium usually when you find it you can change it from Bool false to bool true with a couple clicks ill try to unlock it with flex now for you
  4. Will be back soon in a sh!t situation (covid) life is currently hard So ill be back to update games when im not stressed 24/7 thanks for understanding 

    1. Zahir


      No worries buddy, I hope it gets better for you :* 

    2. Rook


      Good luck buddy!

  5. i'm currently not in a good spot to be updating hacks (Covid related) i will be back soon
  6. Debugging i think does not work via IDA pro Gdb Does not work best bet would be use lldb Since you are getting BUS cide 0 pretty sure it does not support our device
  7. ihex??? Download hex workshop ir HXD
  8. Dnspy is the best for IOS its so easy
  9. it's Basically the same as hacking a game Are you able to dump the IPA using il2cppdumper? if you cant dump it because its not a unity app you have to Muck around with the Stuff on IDA if its for like a premium you have to look out for bool and false which in IDA is Bool true - mov w0, #1 Bool false - mov w0, #0
  10. You have to have Icloud installed from the Offical Website
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