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  1. Doctor who anyone? :drink:

  2. Monkeys 🐒 eat bananas 🍌 

  3. @Rook when ya get a min I need to link my iOsGodsApp+ to my new iPhone, no longer have my old one. Thanks in advance.
  4. 2021 here we go


  5. Been on that RetroArch grind....

    1. TAMP0N


      What games have you been playing?

  6. First install this Repo. This is the patched version for jailbroken device. ⬇️ http://johan.margueritte.free.fr/repo/ If your looking for RetroArch but, you are not jailbroken please download RetroArch from iOsGodsApp. Steps to make it work (Has to be in Order!!) - Home > Load Core > Download a Core > Pick your Core (Platform) - Home > Online Updater > Content Downloader > Find your Core > Install All (If your core isn’t there don’t worry) - Online Updater > Update Core Info Files - Online Updater > Update Assets - Bring your zip file into RetroArch Filza Folder If you are non-jailed you can also find a cracked version of Filza on iOsGodsApp - Online Updater > Update Databases - Home > Load Core > Pick your Core - Home Load Content > Pick Content > (Browse first, if item there you are good, if not repeats steps!) Load Archive > Click the Core - Play / Error Common Errors -Failed to extract content from compressed zip/file The solution is to UnZip and Then Rezip with iZip found below. This will create a proper zip file for iOS. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/izip-zip-unzip-unrar-tool/id413971331 -Game Crashing Verify the game and platform are the same. For example, ps2 games can not play on ps1 and vise versa for emulators. These are only for iOS. Android has multiple walkthroughs on how to resolve these issues. If you have any questions, drop them below! RetroArch Discord (I am no way officiated with RetroArch, just someone who wants you to enjoy retro games like me without the hassle.)
  7. This is on the iosgods app. It is only for non jb. I will make a post with the jb version later tonight. With a tutorial on how to navigate and setup w/ common errors and how to fix them.
  8. I’ve cracked the code and will make a tutorial. This vs Is non jb only! It’s broken on jb and I’ll post the cydia link then
  9. Watched many videos and got it to work on my Mac first, then tried on my iPhone, then deleted it on iPhone and used cydia and it worked, this version is broken and won’t work @Laxus
  10. I downloaded psx files to my var and it won’t work. Any ideas why??
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