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  1. Hi, I have iPhone X iOS 14.5 jailbreaked with checkra1n, when I turn on the cheet it will crash as soon as I kill any caracter on any level. I wonder if an update is expected or it’s not compatible with checkra1n? I have candy crush mis also and it works perfectly also for tank hero working greate, please share if I may be doing something wrong with this Mario mod. Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. Thanks for your reply, yes it’s jailbroken with checkra1n, and the hack is installed with the required tweaks but every time I turn it on the game will crash. So, I was wondering if I have to wait for a hack update or maybe it’s not supported by checkra1n or my iOS? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I’ve been trying to get some answers, i have Mario run hack installed on iPhone X iOS 14.5 with checkra1n jailbreak, as soon as I turn on the hack the game crashes, just wondering if it’s supported for my device and iOS version, or if it’s a hack update issue, please some help will be really appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi, it always crashes on iPhone X iOS 14.5, Ana how to bypass this? Thanks
  5. Still crashing, I've tried everything, no answer if it's supported on iOS 14.5 iPhone x with checkra1n. Please some answer?? Thanks
  6. Hi, just wondering, I have installed the mario run and toon blast mod and both aren't working and both crashes when mod it's turned on, I'm on iphone x ios 14.4.2. Jailbroken. Please help. Thanks

    1. Rook


      I'll have to look into that. Are others experiencing similar issue?

    2. durazo


      Thanks for your time. Regards

  7. Hi it's not working and it crashes. iPhone x ios 14.4.2. Jailbroken. Help please. Thanks
  8. Hi DiDa. The game crashes if you select the coins hack, I'm on iphone X 14.4.2. Do I need to wait for an update or something to do to solve this? Thanks
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