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  1. Tool IDA PRO v6.6 + v6.8 + v7.0 Full

    Hopefully this works for mac as well

    Change the VMOV and change the R register to a higher amount
  3. Guide [IDA Tutorial]How to hack with strings

    Nice tutorial bro
  4. Help/Support help me change offset freeze hp in game!

    Ok, here is the breakdown of what the code is doing: FCMP S0, #0.0 <-- this is comparing the health to see if your health (S0) is equal to 0.0 B.LS loc__ <-- B.LS (Branch if Less) means that if the value in S0 is less than 0.0, it will branch to this loc__ STR XZR <-- If the value is not less than 0.0, then the health is stored in XZR register At loc__1001F2040 we see this: STR WZR MOVI V0, #0 This moves the value of 0 into the health register, thus making the player dead
  5. Do you even lift bro? :p

    1. K_K


      I lift more than most ;)

  6. Name of app you want hacked: Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner Version of the app: 19.3.6 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bar-club-stats-id-scanner/id523018379?mt=8 Requested features: Cracked Binary Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Thank you! OG getting back in the game lol
  7. General Apple security

    interesting python script, nice find Mila
  8. I will PM you the details regarding the app and such. I need someone to compile a tweak for me because my theos is broke and i can't fix it but I have a potentially awesome MS tweak. Reply below if you can fill the request

    Hope this still works
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