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  1. So I have been working on this previously created project, and really couldn't get it to work correctly, as the projects wasn't finished. I had to create a tcp server for things to somewhat work and added some code to get the project to execute. The project is coded in C sharp and is for the app called Palringo(its suppose to be a engine that logs into the app and can imitate various things that the app does). This line of code is what is used to initiate the packet handler. Apparently, "(packet.Command)" contains the command "LOGON", but the other commands are "AUTH", "MESG", "AVATAR" etc. I literally cannot paste the whole code, but I just want to know why only a certain command was stored into "(packet.Command)". If more information is needed(probably) please tell me. if (_packetHandlers.ContainsKey(packet.Command)) _packetHandlers[packet.Command].Process(tcp, packet); else Console.WriteLine("INVALID COMMAND!: " + packet.Command); //_packetHandlers[packet.Command].Process(tcp, packet);
  2. In the app palringo, there is a game within it. The game is called duel, the goal is to draw the gun faster then the enemy. I want a script that can repeatedly draw and shoot bullets.
  3. /*///////////////////////// Gamepad Commands /*///////////////////////// function on(eventName){ Gamepad.on(eventName); }; function emit(eventName, data) { Gamepad.emit(eventName, JSON.stringify(data)); }; function localEmit(eventName, data){ Gamepad.localEmit(eventName, data); }; function showKeyboard(keyboardType){ Gamepad.showKeyboard(keyboardType); }; function hideKeyboard(){ Gamepad.hideKeyboard(); }; function setKeyboardEnabled(enabled) { Gamepad.setKeyboardEnabled(enabled); }; function showPane() { Gamepad.showPane(); }; function hidePane() { Gamepad.hidePane(); }; function setPaneEnabled(enabled) { Gamepad.setPaneEnabled(enabled); }; function openPopup(data){ Gamepad.openPopup(data); }; function openPopupWithActions(data, actionOneTitle, actionOneCallback, actionTwoTitle, actionTwoCallback) { Gamepad.openPopupWithActions(data, actionOneTitle, actionOneCallback, actionTwoTitle, actionTwoCallback); }; function requestInGamePurchase(productIds) { Gamepad.requestInGamePurchase(productIds); }; function loadExternalUrl(url) { Gamepad.loadExternalUrl(url); };
  4. Yes it's the right function. It affects games fire rate
  5. LDR R3, [R0,#0x14] __text:000890EE CMP R3, #0 __text:000890F0 ITTTT NE __text:000890F2 VMOVNE D0, R2, R2 __text:000890F6 LDRNE R0, [R0,#0x20] __text:000890F8 RSBNE.W R1, R1, R1,LSL#3 __text:000890FC ADDNE.W R0, R0, R1,LSL#3 __text:00089100 IT NE __text:00089102 VSTRNE S0, [R0,#0x18] __text:00089106 VMOV D0, D0 __text:0008910A BX LR I need to know how to store 30.0 into S0. It crashes when you modify the VSTRNE.
  6. But that is Boolean, right? If not, how can I change the value. Here is the same function but different version of the game. LDR R3, [R0,#0x14] __text:0009CCD0 CMP R3, #0 __text:0009CCD4 BXEQ LR __text:0009CCD8 LDR R0, [R0,#0x20] __text:0009CCDC RSB R1, R1, R1,LSL#3 __text:0009CCE0 VMOV S0, R2 __text:0009CCE4 ADD R0, R0, R1,LSL#3 __text:0009CCE8 VSTR S0, [R0,#0x18] __text:0009CCEC BX LR VMOV S0, R2 was the correct one to change. How would I change the VMOVNE to a higher value?
  7. I wasn't fooling shmoo...he didn't believe I created any of the Nova 3 hacks....there is clear proof on there
  8. Game crashes, I even tried changing the value
  9. I do, but why do I need it? I really don't want to set up LLDB again. Is D0, D0 something totally different from everything else?
  10. This is animation speed. Ive hacked this same function before in a different version of the game. Changing the VMOV S0, R2 to VMOV.F32 S0, #30.0. How would I change VMOV D0, D0?
  11. Aight thanks man, it worked, just changed the R register to a number
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