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  1. how to fix uncover crashed bug? all tweak i used was crashed xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zahir


      Reinstall them? I had to reinstall everything when I Restored RootFS 

    3. xiaov


      JB Apps can install and use.

      but all tweak was crashed when games launched. xD

    4. Laxus
  2. @DiDA https://www.dropbox.com/s/gb39ft2g4sho7hk/风之猎人_fzlr_v2.0_hackv2 - Godmode%26ohk.ipa?dl=0 https://uccc04b94e91d1dfb4720a7b1697.dl.dropboxusercontent.com/cd/0/get/Ad94pu8ieSrKp_truwO3sB50A5UTf0Y8afXJpy48cYMa2tdX3fagrlb2uoVZs_Ow5UpaVrS-jml61Nq93t6kOPtcITx6L3lv2lCEFvJlNml_oQ/file?dl=1# I use this 2 direct link from Dropbox for Custom sign ipa, keep prompt error . (download link was dropbox). Any idea?
  3. MSHookMemory undefined symbol.. i think is headers problem
  4. This a useful App for Cheaters or User to easy know when is their App/Games is updated. But current version only support Games which is from US store. Contents: App Icon, App Name, App Version, Updated Time, how many days from Updated time to now! Special: -Auto load the latest information from Online!!! -No need to install Any Apps to use this. -All games auto listed out the latest information. (first time need to click the top-left Add button ,enter the Bundle ID, then save it) -Check the update time with one click. -Can save more than 10-100 Apps and check the update time with only one click. Download link : [Hidden Content] Credits: @xiaov
  5. i keep getting error for using MSHookMemory by using your code in Tut. Can you sent me your Subtrate.h and Inject.h file?
  6. reboot devices. or terminal type: uicache
  7. don't know but you can try.. let me know if u try .
  8. only can with a Jailbroken devices only...
  9. woah you remember my favourite game.. but can’t hack it anymore ..rip
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