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Novice Cheaters
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    Hack is my world.. Without world ,without me..

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  1. yes.. for your latest :"The Greedy Cave" is very good.. Nice ..
  2. a lot from your post... why you don't just google search it ?Lol
  3. your game post icon need to fixed , a lot ~~
  4. you means updated game right? then how about new game?no need gdb or lldb?
  5. oh.. less one step to replace the binary..Lol
  6. Request

    Oh.. Okay ..thanks for your information.
  7. Request

    reboot? never heard about this..
  8. Request

    i don't do un-jb patch.
  9.  Patcher Hack

    no luck for me..T.T
  10. mine also is 64bit device (iphone 6+) but my patch can support both armv7 and arm64 device with armv7 binary.
  11. My patch will apply armv7 binary only to both armv7 and arm64 devices..