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  1. There is already a hack for this game. It simply needs updating.
  2. If experiencing crashes on startup or frequently at all with Family Guy the solution seems to be: Open FG and wait for thank you menu. Enter multi tasking and kill the app. Repeat the above steps until you get the Family Guy Crash screen with "helpful tips" for crashes. At this point tap thank you and allow the iGAuth to finish and get the authentication card. Tap the card, wait for the icon to appear, tap the icon and enable your hacks and close the menu. Tap the back carat at the top left to start the game load and wait. This load screen seems to take just a little longer than normal but the game runs smooth as butter and the store correctly displays what items are free (hacked) and which ones are not.
  3. Does the App Store work in safemode or in a non-jailbroken state? There are many updates still happening for the iOS 12 jailbreak. As far as your packages look, it looks like you may have some interference with App Admin and the UAShared tools, you may need to update those packages or even remove them. They are direct embeds to the App Store itself. I don't mind helping you further diagnose and repair the issue but it would be best if you PM'd me as it's an easier and quicker way to communicate.
  4. Delete your keychains2.db .wal and other file. Reboot and rejailbreak. This will kick out your Game Center and probably will mess with some of the logins/sync’s of other games so be wary. You said you wanted an answer/solution, not that you didn’t want that to screw up other things 😛
  5. GpS bAsED gAmES

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    2. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      My birthday is at 12:00am what r u getting me 

    3. Yodah


      Sorry, checked my account, seems I’m out of f***s to give. So Happy Birthday ya filthy animal. <3

    4. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      This is Goku Black child you will give me something or I’m going to leak your number 😤 you think this a game?

    5. Yodah


      LMFAO don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin.....

    6. Joker7611
  6. That moment when you can read chatbox but nothing else.... I see you! lol XD

  7. Hey hey, I also write lua scripts but just for bleach brave souls, for a long time I’ve been tryna make a particular script properly work but I’ve been getting 1 or 2 issues, think you could help?

    1. Saif17


      When will Hack Bleach come v8.0.2?
    2. Yodah


      PM me, I just cleared my inbox. Wouldn't mind helping.

    3. -TheDarkKnight-


      haha i been really busy, i have some time now, PMed

      @Saif17 As soon as i can get it to work exactly how i want it to :)

  8. Oi

    1. Yodah




      hit me up on iMessage

  9. iOS 11.4.1-12.1 /should/ be releasing sooner than later. With the CVE for 12.1.1 including Ian Beers most recent kernel exploit its highly likely we will see another semi-tethered jailbreak soon.
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