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  1. Lol thanks my man, I try my best to be independent and only ask for help when my frustration levels are too high 😂
  2. @RiLu Hey, Im able to play with the mods installed but when I have igamegod installed as well it gives me the security error, anyy tips ? I use ios 13, kernbypass. Kernbypass enabled WITHOUTenabling the app I will get security error. Kernbypass enabled WITH enabling the app, no security error but igamegod doesnt load either. Security error is because of the mod, without mod theres no error. EDIT: I noticed there was a custom kernbypass in this thread, so i deleted the one I had and used the one noted in this forum. However, I was not able to located the preference folder for icleaner. Upon installing the new kernbypass i dont see the option menu in my settings EDIT 2: Lol im editing a lot here, i was able to locate kernbypass in my setting and upon enabling it for the app, the igamegod menu doesnt load just as before in the beginning with using this custom kernbypass EDIT 3: I fixed my issue, I needed to use the supercharge method to tweak installation. IF anyone has the same exact issue as me, DOWNLOAD MODDED KERNBYPASSS from forum and use supercharge method which I found on page 92
  3. @0xSUBZ3R0 doesn’t work. iOS 12.4 iPad Pro 9.7 uncover jailbreak edit: nvm, liberty was turned on, had to turn it off for this to work.
  4. Then you need to edit it to say unlimited skills and not unlimited energy. Energy is an actual thing in the game, skills and energy are 2 different things, so fix up when you get the chance.
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