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  1. poopy pants

  2. He's a main tank if I'm not mistaken. I saw some people saying he gonna be op and it reminded me of when Orisa was introduced yet the second she was added to the live game no one played her.
  3. Smh I have gotten better at 1v1. The only thing I am afraid now is now people playing those widow 1v1 hs only lobby all day everyday
  4. Just some clips I had saved on my computer I put into a video format :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzga93F4yUU
  5. can anyone get me spotify premium ?

    1. Fadexz


      Look in the accounts section.

  6. lol dab

    1. Nitachi32


      Is it just me or I cannot download brave frontier mod

    2. Laxus


      Because you're not ViP

    3. TheArmKing


      lol *its f***ing 2018*

    4. Rook


      Well well well if it isn’t jakey

  7. Anybody know a good way to get money in GTA V?

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. Rayan-


      You'll get there. LUL 

    3. Fadexz


      Level up a bit first to get at least an assault rifle.

      At least you were doing Pacific Standard which is probably the best.

    4. 1Jakey


      We all are level 20. I have a lot of guns so I don't think that the problem with us losing in heist. 

    5. C.L.G


      @xXBe3tD4bberinTheWorldXx__  listen, you cant get enough money playing gta 5 legit anymore since its become like Fifa, where you either pay to win, mod to win or find someone else to mod for you. its just how it is nowdays....

    6. Rvix_
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