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Everything posted by DADi

  1. I will be able to update it in a few hours. Sorry for the delay. Busy with everything else recently.
  2. Hey! You’re already activated! If your talking about ViP, then check your email for more info. Otherwise please state exactly what your issue is.
  3. DADi


    We wish you a warm welcome to iOSGods.com & we hope you enjoy yourself here! Before you start browsing our community and find out what iOSGods has to offer, you should first check out some of our important topics & sections to get yourself familiarized with our community! Community Guidelines - Our forum rules must be read before you do anything else! We don't want you getting warned! Welcome Newcomers! - This topic will briefly explain how our community works and include some useful links for newbies! Forum Announcements - This is where everything important happens. New community updates, news, guidelines, and more! We recommend you give the topics there a read! Help & Support - Questions or problems? Post them there and we'll be able to help you! General Talk - Have something you'd like to talk about? This is where it goes! iOSGods Shoutbox - Once you're logged in to your account and spent some time around the forum, you will be able to access our Shoutbox where you can talk & chat with other members! Each section on iOSGods usually has one or more pinned topics which are quite important regarding the section itself or the contents inside it. Be sure to read those also! That's about it. Enjoy!
  4. I want to add snow, but people will complain about lag. :(

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Hey boss you should test adding snow on yours first to make sure there is no lag after that you could add to us

    2. Laxus


      I remember I experienced this last year on my potato laptop LUL 90% cpu load lmao

  5. Hello, I'm unsure if you have purchased the iOSGods App+ subscription. ViP Plus and App+ are different subscriptions. The iOSGods App+ is currently out of stock unfortunately.
  6. Hello, Apologies, there was a delay in regards to PayPal purchases. It should be fixed now.
  7. Hello, This sounds like a cache issue? Can you try going into Incognito/Private mode to see if it fixes it?
  8. Thank you for supporting iOSGods!
  9. Hello, Sorry about my delay. Regarding the Black Friday & Cyber Monday coupon code, that only works on Store checkouts, and not via PayPal option. This was mentioned on the coupon's topic and on the PayPal instructions.
  10. Hey! I seem to have made a mistake. I have replied to your message. I apologize for my delay regarding this.
  11. Hello, Normally, yes. But right now the certificate is revoked so you cannot.
  12. Hello, Yes, you will. Here's how that works if you want to use your own method: https://iosgods.com/topic/93697-installing-apps-from-the-iosgods-app-using-cydia-impactor-on-your-pc/
  13. Hello, Apologies for my late reply. If you have recently purchased the iOSGods App+, it may take a few hours for us to process your order. When the processing is done, we immediately send you an email to the email address you used when purchasing. If you have not received an email, please make sure the email address you entered is correct and check your spam/junk folders. Alternatively, you can visit https://install.iosgods.com/ using the registered iDevice to install the iOSGods App+. For more information and a video example, please read our iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions. Kind regards, DADi
  14. Hello, You can use up to 3 devices on your account.
  15. Disabled Custom Name Style temporarily due to an issue. Will be back soon!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Goku BIack

      Goku BIack

      Sparkle incoming ? 🤩


    3. Laxus


      Shouldn’t be added in the first place, my eyes hurt ;_; color not work well in dark theme

    4. Crowned Arts

      Crowned Arts

      Miss my blue color already 😢

  16. Ads were entirely removed from ViPs roughly a week or so ago. I’ve made status updates regarding this. - Regarding Non-Jailbroken — you have to understand that we have no control over certificates and when they get revoked. It’s entirely up to Apple. If you haven’t noticed in the past, we do credit for the downtime, especially if it’s a long revoke wave such as what’s happening right now. Apple does not want users installing apps outside of their App Store.
  17. This is quite outdated unfortunately. Might be one of the reasons for the connection errors.
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