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KinG HunteR

Must Know Stuff on LDOE!

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Updated For 1.6 

  1.  Always Backup Your Data (App Manager is easy backup Tweak) If you Build or craft Unreleased Items you will broke game then you need Restore data. Its beta game sometimes your data will delete Without reason 
  2. If you stuck at loading in friday thats okey just server restarting
  3. If your Gamecenter doesn't login or Dont save Hacked Data it means your Gamecenter Already Got Other Data You need to create new GameCenter 
  4. Developers Working so Hard They patching hacks so fast (EveryWeek) So Buy So much and prepare so much before hack doesnt work anymore and dont forget Back up 
  5. Stuck at loading is mean Server Restarting it will be okey in 30 min after 1 day its Doesnt work reboot your device or unstall game and reinstall 
  6. AirPlane Crash is Very Rare Thing also if you higher than 55lvl Plane will not crash anymore 
  7. In future Your data will Delete if you use Hack Too much example Many Coins, Energy, Many Shop Storage Items, mora than 3 Military Box at Home/Base, Unreleased items in Inventory 
  8. IAP will doesnt work since Friday to Tuesday because New Update Released on Android. IOS update release in 2-4 days 
  9. Free Purchases Doesnt Work Anymore you should buy with real money(Work again, Sometimes doesn't work) 
  10. If you using Crafting Hack Dont Craft Or use Unreleased Items


  • Kevlar Helmet, Body Armor, Trousers, Boots
  • S&W Magnum
  • Tactical Backpack 
  • Assault Helmet, Body Armor, Trousers, Boots
  • The-Dragunov
  • Turret
  • Mortar 


  • Radio Tower 
  • Clan Banner 
  • Trip Trap Wire 
  • Bear Trap 
  • Home Brewery 
  • Torture Device
  • Fishing Rod
  • Metal Pipe
  • Hand Pump
  • Horse Saddle
  • Repair Station
  • Zombie Truck
  • Chemisty Station
  • Explosive Material 
  • Mi-24 Helicopter 
  • Land Mine
  • Electronics Lab 
  • Safe
  • C-4 Explosive 


Edited by KinG HunteR
Edited for update 1.6
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2 minutes ago, hamzaaitbrik said:

I am.

EDIT: Thanks i did resolve the problem

would you mind sharing how you fixed your problem?

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Just now, KinG HunteR said:

What a bad luck it means Starts from botton 


unfortunately when i did start playing i did not login with my game center so i kept playing until i build a lot of things, now when i did restore i found that what i built is gone. So i learned a lesson that i really have to restore every time i play at the game

1 minute ago, Omukar said:

would you mind sharing how you fixed your problem?

Just click restore when you are going to play the game. Keep in mind that if you didn't restore and you wont be login in as game center ;) you have to restore every time your are playing at LDoE no matter what game or hack you are playing on, keep restoring.

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      - PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

      Hack Features:
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      - x20 Attack
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      - Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
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      Hack Features:
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      - No Skills CoolDown

      All features are unlinked and only for player, you!
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