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A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. Guys, I have problem caused by my stupidity. I lost my FN-SCAR. Is it possible to reset specialist rewards to gain it again? Thank you for great work!
  3. Late but yes.. you got give it a chance to save.. I say play on the non hacked app for like 10 mins.. then delete that one nd download the hacked app.. it happen to me b4 but I learn my lesson Nd did it right the next time.. not I gotta completed bike 💯♨️ But never contact the app makers.. if you hacked the game... they can see if you played on the hacked version even if you didn’t use no hacks 💯
  4. Does anyone else kill everything and then duplicate the blue box a bunch of times just to get what they need?
  5. What is the ideal set up for stats on dogs?
  6. Same problem 🤧.. Should've never updated.. Even though it was forced.
  7. tactical backpack is now craftable too using the LDOE app from the iOSGods App
  8. wait for captn @DiDA or @Zahir they might fix the problem
  9. Try deleting iosgods version and install the original version and delete unreleased items. and re-install iosgods version.
  10. Same here I deleted iosgods version and installed the original from AppStore and works fine It could be from my items maybe idk, checked to delete but I don't have any unreleased items thou.
  11. Hello Dida i just installed the 1.11.9 of LDOE for non jail broken and it just crashes every time before getting into the game. I had no problems with 1.11.8 please help thanks
  12. yes you can easily killed The Big one if you are on jailbreak otherwise its nearly impossible . so on jailbreak device just turn on god mode before turning it on be sure that you dont equip shoe if you then remove it and turn god mode on. then you can easily killed him with any weapon except bow it does not hurt him.
  13. No mate You didnt break . just re-install the hack disable all cheats and check . you can also try this out
  14. its happened with god mode on just turned it off remove your cloths get naked and wait to die from hunger once you revive dont use god mode this fix helped me i hope this could help you.
  15. first force close the app re-enter in game you found yourself on map just change the location. second killed by zombie also work and die of hunger also work.
  16. Locked This topic is now closed to further replies. Update is coming soon! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)
  17. Leave the place and force close the app. It should be out of your hand None of my hacks are working
  18. Guys, thanks of devs for great job. How you solve generator problem? When picked up u cant put it out of hands....

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