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A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. If you cannot connect to Game Center. That likely means you were not previously connected to it.
  3. @DiDA please help, thanks a lot. I don’t want to miss clan update.
  4. Yes, the account I have been using is connected to Game Center. I direct installed the hack in iosgods website using the easy IPA link.
  5. Hello, Was your previous account connected to Game Center? How did you install the hack?
  6. I linked my game account to game centre. I delete the hacked version, download the original to purchase case, and downloaded back the hacked version. When I enter the game and connect to Game Center, there is an error and I wasn’t able to get my account back. Help, there is at least 5 bucks in it, please.
  7. For days I still can’t find the “last day on earth direct installation link for non jail broken iOS ‘... in my search effort , I saw many others are asking for the installation link too.., the actual link is seemingly lost in all the chat topics
  8. I haven’t been able to figure it out. It’s hit or miss weirdly. Sometimes it’s the biker survivors sometimes it’s the timed forest restarting the game helps but other than that there nothing out of the ordinary in any of my phones functions.
  9. At least I’m not the only one with the same issue.
  10. Actually the Android hack can dupe those items as well
  11. I am on iPhone X 11.2.1 Electra JB with the latest v1.10 game and latest hack. Leveled 99, all BP, used the bow and rapid fire hack and the God mode to swiped Alfa Bunker B3 and B4. However when I enter B2, AFTER saving that technician guy(forgive me since I am running the game a different language). The game starting to freeze and is still freezing even after the hack are all turned off. Also noticed that the cell phone is getting pretty warm while this happens. Any ideas?
  12. Bump. I'm encountering this too. Whenever I go to the farm or a short timed survivors area I take two steps walking and the game just freezes. I've tried reloading the game several times and it keeps freezing there, but everywhere else on the map is fine.
  13. You probably crafted an unreleased item and corrupted your game file. Go to LDOE guides and tutorials tab and read what is safe to freely craft. Then uninstall the game and start over.
  14. I’m unable to place down any objects like a chest or chemistry lab for some reason , any idea why

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