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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Uninstall current app and install from the App Store.
  3. Hi, I installed hack v1.6.4 but when I return to original game, it's keeping loading. i didn't craft unreleased item. Any tutorial for that?
  4. yes and you can do bunker alfa every second day

    Finally found the CAC for Alpha Bunker. It is one of the forest up north. Yeay! Keep searching guys.
  6. AFAIK they patched the free purchase thing ( or it works very rarely as mentioned by few users, never worked for me after 1.5.9). ATV transmission is not in the game yet, officially. Please browse through the whole forum before crafting unreleased stuff and crash your save file. As for the chopper fork, buy one of the vehicle part crate using real money and use the hack while opening it so that you get 10000 more boxes. Keep opening them and you will get the fork. Without hack, you can get it from red ticket crate in alpha bunker (chance is very low), I got the fork in the previous red ticket crate but I already have the chopper.
  7. I cant buy a crate from the store .please help me
  8. I couldn’t found chopper fork. please help me..... i could not find chopper fork and atv transmission. please help me....
  9. There is a 500% chance you can get it from the red coupon box
  10. yeah, I forgot I think the AI bot with 30 health should give you the A card and a rare item
  11. Tank can be found at : Alfa Bunker - Create's first floor "Red Tokens" (Very rare) Engineer Crate's - if possible use a hack to "Buy 1 - Get 1000" - anything from 1 - 100 crates.
  12. i cant get my tank, how can i get my tank?
  13. You need it the first time to unlock main entrance.
  14. Actually, you don't need a card for alpha AFAIK, its Just the code
  15. Thanks bro so much, i understood
  16. Glad I could help! Yes you can finish your chopper and the generator to unlock tier 2. It's quite fast to do its.

    Yeap. 2 days searching all the forest. Still no luck getting CAC for Bunker Alfa.
  18. My game loading freeze, Please help me!!!
  19. I need hack for iphone 5g anyone have ?? Plz need it
  20. Been playing the game for over a week now and havent found alpha bunker card. Is it an error or something? Do I have to reset everything and get a new acc?
  21. Updated For 1.6 Always Backup Your Data (App Manager is easy backup Tweak) If you Build or craft Unreleased Items you will broke game then you need Restore data. Its beta game sometimes your data will delete Without reason If you stuck at loading in friday thats okey just server restarting If your Gamecenter doesn't login or Dont save Hacked Data it means your Gamecenter Already Got Other Data You need to create new GameCenter Developers Working so Hard They patching hacks so fast (EveryWeek) So Buy So much and prepare so much before hack doesnt work anymore and dont forget Back up Stuck at loading is mean Server Restarting it will be okey in 30 min after 1 day its Doesnt work reboot your device or unstall game and reinstall AirPlane Crash is Very Rare Thing also if you higher than 55lvl Plane will not crash anymore In future Your data will Delete if you use Hack Too much example Many Coins, Energy, Many Shop Storage Items, mora than 3 Military Box at Home/Base, Unreleased items in Inventory IAP will doesnt work since Friday to Tuesday because New Update Released on Android. IOS update release in 2-4 days Free Purchases Doesnt Work Anymore you should buy with real money(Work again, Sometimes doesn't work) If you using Crafting Hack Dont Craft Or use Unreleased Items DO NOT EQUIP OR USE THIS ITEMS !!! Kevlar Helmet, Body Armor, Trousers, Boots S&W Magnum Tactical Backpack Assault Helmet, Body Armor, Trousers, Boots The-Dragunov Turret Mortar UNRELEASED ITEM LIST