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A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. You may not get the part you need in one try, gotts to keep doing it, but it's the best way to get them faster
  3. go to the non-jailbreak section to search for "last day survivor" and click on the link where you wrote hidden content and the game is done ...
  4. I found there are 2 more in floor 3 with the big one. I killed him and activated it but couldn’t find the gas tank lol
  5. thanks @DiDA & Team for this awesome hack! I would like to request some feature for the hack. 1. the “Open 1 box and get 10000 boxes” option, can it be changed to 10 boxes? - easy to clean up the inbox when the time needs 2. it is possible to add memory debugger within the hack? - to modify items value in the inbox
  6. It keep doubling till gets 1 million (1.xxx.xxx), and then i can’t use it. When i uninstall the hack and install the the original app, it says i only have 1 coin. Please someone help 🙏
  7. For me, when I face this situation I let myself die so I’ll be in my home without that infected box. If You was in house Let yourself die also but The box will be on the land near to your last body.
  8. I couldn’t able to find the link to download directly. Can you help me with the link @DiDA

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