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A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. Haha true that... Actually it may not make sense to everyone but I'm always trying to cheat when facing a very grindy/addictive game so I spend as little time as possible playing it
  3. Hi everyone, I understand the game is still in beta and this is a literal question, not a criticism. I have unlocked and crafted all weapons' mods, all metal walls, lvl 99, chopper and so on, and it feels like at the moment I don't have anything left to do apart from breeding dogs (which reminds me of breeding chocobos in FF7 :) Thanks in advance for your advice!
  4. That would be perfect and extremely helpful.
  5. Yeah I have those all stacked up also. Anything that’s in the game should be fine. It’s been over a month for me and no ban or log in issues.
  6. I wish you can make Unlimited Duplicated Items for unstackable items such as guns or component parts for finalizing 2nd phase crafting.
  7. Every items that looted while exploring or crafted from a bench like woodbench or recycler and has a number below the item can be stackable and stored. I wish they make Unlimited Duplicated Items for unstackable items such as guns or component parts.
  8. The ones you use to to access bunkers on the map. Thank you!
  9. You made me worried too. I wish I stayed with iOS 11.3.1 and use Electra Jailbreak
  10. Those CAC Cards to access bunkers all over the game. And yes, they are stackable, 20 each. They included A, B, C, D, F, R, Z Cards, as I remember, Z is drop item when kill The Big One
  11. Cool thanks, I’ll probably just stay away from him. Until one shot kill comes back or at least invinite item durability. Everything is pretty accessible through the hack.
  12. Tungsten is not available on iOS as far as I know. Anything with tungsten or titanium will most likely lock up your account. Some people say you can craft some of the guns that are in game and c4, but I don’t mess with it I just use loot box.
  13. I’m not sure what that card is? But if it’s in the game and stackable I have at least a 20 stack somewhere in a chest.
  14. Free IAP Hack doesn't work since v1.8.7. So no hope for C4. I want to kill the d*** witch
  15. Have over 20 First Aid Kits, shoot him and run around as tactical choice. Do some search on YouTube too.
  16. dont craft c4, its buggy if you craft one, but you can buy lootbox with c4 in it utilize the 1-10000 lootbox hack and you can have as many c4 as you want and store it on a box
  17. Thank you, I will start duplicating items now. Also did you duplicate the CAC cards?
  18. @Gazayouth do some search in the site and choose topics suited to you (VIP or Free, Jailbroken or not). Easy as pieces. Tutorials in topic too
  19. And C4 safe to craft (and store)? Some posts in forum said just crafting but never storing, I doubt that 😕 Thanks for this info
  20. How do you kill him? I have always use the one shot kill with the bow. I faced him today with out that and he killed me and it didn’t seem I was doing any damage to him with guns.

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