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A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. please i need help with the loading screen, its frozen or stucked. but the game wont load and let me play, please need help heres a screenshot i play on android file:///C:/Users/Moises/Desktop/Captura.PNG
  3. Hello friend, I was in the same situation, but I looked on the wiki and the task is actually very simple, you just have to open the "build mode" and build 4 blocks of floor in the Fort Moss territory. That's all you have to do, hope it helped.
  4. Item Reason Unsafe Clan Banner Ash Plank Safe Glock 17 Gunpowder Unsafe Bear Trap Titanium Bar Unsafe Torture Device Titanium Bar Unsafe Pipe Titanium Bar Unsafe Hand Pump Titanium Bar, Ash Plank Safe VSS Vintorez Titanium Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Horse Saddle Titanium Bar Unsafe Repair Station Titanium Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Zombie Truck Titanium Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Chemistry Station Titanium Bar, Ash Plank Safe Kevlar Helmet Titanium Bar Safe Kevlar Body Armor Titanium Bar Safe Kevlar Trousers Titanium Bar Safe Kevlar Boots Titanium Bar Unsafe Explosive Material Gunpowder, Sulfur Safe Shotgun Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Safe Tactical Backpack Titanium Bar Unsafe Land Mine Tungsten Bar, Explosive Material Unsafe Mi-24 Helicopter Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Safe M16 Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Assault Helmet Titanium Bar Unsafe Assault Body Armor Titanium Bar Unsafe Assault Trousers Titanium Bar Unsafe Assault Boots Titanium Bar Safe AK-47 Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Electronics Lab Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Safe Safe Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Safe Electronic Circuit Tungsten Bar Safe C-4 Explosive Tungsten Bar, Explosive Material Unsafe The Dragunov Tungsten Bar, Ash Plank Unsafe Mortar Tungsten Bar
  5. Hi, i cant un-equip or replace the current backpack that i have for a better one, i cant deleted either, please i need help
  6. After doing about three missions in Fort Moss all of a sudden I was not able to start the next mission. I am able to talk to the guy who gives the tasks and he’s got the next task ready for me but the game won’t let me press the button to start. I’ve tried disabling the cheats, restarting the game, completely disabling the mod via icleaner + respring. I’ve even tried loading my game on a different non-jailbroken device yet the start button remains greyed out no matter what I try. Has this happened to anyone else? Did I somehow break my game? Could I just be missing something in the actual game that I’m supposed to do first before this task? I’d love to know whats going on here! I don’t think it would be wise to contact customer support and risk incriminating myself. So please, if anyone has any thoughts, theories, guesses, possible causes or solutions.. anything at all, please comment and let me know what you think! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. @k7moda I have the mod menu and everything works perfectly. It may be your device.
  8. So I had no issues with the mod besides freezing in Fort Moss and now I was working through Bunker Bravo when I ended up dying, the game now freezes anywhere I go including my own base. I tried uninstalling hack and then reinstalling the game with no mod but that doesn’t work either. The game loads me in my base and I can tap my backpack and other options that open up a ‘menu’ but as soon as I try to move the whole game freezes. When the game doesn’t load me automatically in my base and I can travel somewhere it works fine and it loads up when I enter but again when I try and move it freezes up. Any way I can fix this?
  9. Hey, I am on iOS nonjailbroken and I try to redownload the mod for Ldoe and it refuses to download, I know Apple revoked their certificate anyway to bypass this?
  10. Fort moss keeps loading forever whenever i try to enter even when i disable all mods in the menu. Any idea for a fix or we need to wait for an update fo the menu?
  11. Hi i´m new here. I search a downloadlink for the LDOE IPA, but i don´t find this. Pls help me.
  12. Thanks!! This really helped I was able to get in now.
  13. Put a generator on ur chopper and drive to bravo then take it out and place it
  14. I completed the Phase 2 (that requires ATV Transmission) of the ATV before 1.15 and now it just sits like that at my base, whenever I try to open it/click the button nothing happens, it is stuck (the ATV appears in Construction phase and not Completed) Help me I am Stuck!
  15. Has anyone been able to get in bunker bravo? I know it asks for a generator to get in but how do I go about getting one? At first I thought it was an electric generator so I crafted one but I can’t do anything with it there unless I’m missing a step? What kind of generator is needed and where can I find it?
  16. Where can I download this I can't find the Ipa on official tread and iosgods app mot working for me
  17. Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this hack but I can’t put food into the dog bowl without it crashing, I’ve tried all three types. Can anyone help? thanks :)
  18. I can't download the hack, it doesn´t appears the link, can you help me?
  19. You can’t do anything with it until the next update.
  20. Is anyone having issues having it built and working? Looks like I’m unable to do anything with it when I press the button it just goes near it.

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