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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Dude i faced the same issue . I don’t know how to solve it i really want to cry rn. please if u guys find out tell me
  3. Hi, I have been getting a problem everytime I travel to an event there’s an NPC/raiders. If I come in contact with them my game start to lag to the point where I cant play the game. Anyone know what’s causing this issue?
  4. Game Center cant connect, using the last version, anyway to solve this problem? Iphone 12 pro max here
  5. Also me I have same issue, please can some one informed me how to fix this issue
  6. Is it just me or some of the cheats are not working?Tested so far that is not working:- Instant Tree Chopping- Instant Rock Cracking- Instantly Destroy Walls!- Instantly Unlock Chests. No need to wait for opening chests animation.- 1 Second to Travel using Energy (costs 2) I am using this
  7. As the title says anyone know if its ok to finalise the ATV yet or is that still not possible?
  8. I’m on version 17.13 , I’m jailbroken with uncover and have the latest mod download, everytime I meet a npc the game lags and freezes and the event no longer loads. Went to the island watch tower and the pirates freeze everytime I shoot, it doesn’t freeze if I don’t engage. Currently at a rest stop and the game also freezes after the npc talks. Is there a way to fix this?! I’ve disabled godmode, no clothes on.
  9. Whenver i use iosgamegod it doesnt keep my coins it resets them. Can someone plz help me
  10. I was using all the apps perfectly this korning but around 10:20 it automatically stoped working i cant open non of my apps from ios gods

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