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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Im looking for a all active clan needing a member
  3. I crafted it if it’s this black bookbag then idk I craft it all the time you should be able to craft it because I craft it all the time
  4. This topic was moved from General Talk to LDOE Guides & Tutorials. This does work for me.
  5. Running into the same problem. Being a “Newbie” rank and not being able to download from the app due to restrictions.
  6. Same here, but I didn’t just sink into the floor.. I could walk around and shoot, but I had suddenly turned invisible. Looked really odd arrows flying from out of nowhere.
  7. Is it because (even though you can build them) they are still not available to you due to you being a certain level? I know in some survival games it won’t let you access certain items until you level up.
  8. I guess the beginners would just have to stay active for a while, waiting for the rank to increase. I think the download limit is just imposed to the beginners and when you’ve reach certain rank you’d be able to download the app.
  9. Their is a not a lot of methods getting free coins there was 3 but now there is one and that depends on your chances and the risks you are going to put in. 1. You can use the free box you get: All you need to do is just watch an ad and it will give you like a spin on your chances it usually will give you a free coin depending on the items in the spin.(You have to wait 1 hour each spin) but if you are using the hack then just exit the map and it will pop up again and you can get free spins just by leaving and returning. 2. You can also get it by reset: DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE 3. After doing the first glitch and you get 1 coin do this method: You know how the last day on earth hack on ios gods gives you the coins you spend back and doubles it so when you are crafting something and you only have one coin wit till it says like 10 second left then skip now you get 2 coins and then you start profiting. 4. RESTING YOUR ACCOUNT( Not the best method): Just reset your account I don't recommend this method at all but if you want go ahead. These are all the methods I hope these methods are useful to you and thank you.
  10. I can’t build certain things, as when I click build they won’t go into furniture / build. Also PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE
  11. Hmm I use iPhone X but never experienced the freeze... whenever I try to craft those items it just doesn’t work and thats all
  12. Well for my case whenever I remove the app and redownload it the data stayed
  13. Did you try to remove the app and install it again? I went to LDOE forum but didn’t see any problem post so it must not be the game problem
  14. While playing LDOE (Hacked) certain places, and newer events freeze my game. Is anyone else having this problem? Do anyone know how to fix this problem or is it a game problem? iPhone Xs Max (12.1 jailbreak)
  15. If you’re using the hack from the iOSgods non-jailbroken app, use the bow because it does a crazy amount of damage
  16. Dragonuv is on the do not craft list so I imagine it just doesn’t work.
  17. Thanks, this has happened to me a lot and I used to fix it by restarting the game. This brings you out to the map.
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