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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Released version update Maybe this will fix the problem
  3. iPhone SE 2016 on iOS 13.4.1 with unc0ver 5.2.0 all listed requirements met. Download, install, start game and no menu/mod/hack. Same as
  4. Hi, my specialist is stuck at level 15 and no matter how menu items I give him he doesn’t give me a floppy disk back. Can someone please help me? Is there a way out of this? I waited for the reset and still I’m not getting any floppy disks from him. My progress bar doesn’t fill at all I added 90+ notebooks 180pts+. No progress and doesn’t get me any floppy disk. Is this a bug? I basically duplicated multiple reputation items and gave it to the specialist until it hit rank 15, also i remember getting only 9 floppies. the others where rank up reward at level 15 i got the Milkor MLG I used one of them to go the a Floppy disk location... then the big one in bunker alpha killed me, since i lost my floppy disks (i tried retrieving them couldn't get them, died again, the blind one isn't deaf at all, ) i waited for the bunker reset. I again went in ti bunker alpha specialist, gave him more items, my the yellow progress bar doesn't show up at all. i have exhausted all my reputation items still there isn't any progress. Hence no Floppy disks. Please let me know if i have explained this. i think i have only 2 options now, 1) Wait for the new update and pray to god this is fixed. 2) Hard reset my account/delete my account and start from level 1 (i really don't want to do this as i have been playing this from 2015) Please let me know if i have missed something also, i have console logs from my iPhone if it helps.
  5. i did it works but still cant interract with npcs like konvoi
  6. No but the thing is i cant even interract with npc because they game freezes
  7. Did you tried dying by hunger while no armor on and GM sett off?
  8. Bacally, I’ve discovered that if I buy 1 crate and then uninstall the original LDoE app and install the iOS gods LDoE app, it gives me 10,000 of a crate. Does this work for sector 7 crates? I’m thinking of getting the scout crates but I’m unsure if it’ll duplicate the crates for me.
  9. When I try to buy stuff it says I can’t connect to the server and the game crashes
  10. Anyone managed to fix the bug? There is no point in playing with this bug
  11. Guys my game still crash when i interact with npcs or go to fair actueally my game crashs when i start and spawn in base because there are npcs does someone knows how to fix or a workaround its not playable tryt new install deledet mod everything and still...
  12. The solution is easy however it requires patience simply just turn of all hacks and wait till you die form hunger and thirst

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