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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Last Day on Earth: Survival! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. As the topic said, I'm just looking for a clan that's not dead since I scrolled through some posts and most clans are dead pretty much.
  3. It's same for me, but I just don't use bow at all so it doesn't bother me anyway xd
  4. Hey guys, it seems that this feature does not really work, because when I try to shoot the arrow, the bow itself is still loading. im confused if it's a bug or just me ..
  5. I did this too. You have to give the original game time to save before you delete. What I do is go out of one area and to several different areas before I leave the app. Then I go back into the app and check to see if it’s there. This will give the game time to save progress. Then you should be able to delete the original and install the mod and it will be there.
  6. So I uninstalled the modded one and downloaded the original, I bought a loot box, I then deleted the original and install the modded one, goes to my inbox and the loot box isn’t there? It was there before I deleted the non-modded one I didn’t open it because I wanted to open it on the modded version! Any suggestions guys?
  7. Just drop the generator and force close the app. Get back in and leave the area. Don’t go back into that area. Once you leave then go back to the area and you should be just fine. If you are at your home base then yes you have to kill yourself if your motorcycle or atv does not have an open spot in the back.
  8. There’s a problem with the back that’s causing an issue, so I’m on a mission where I need to take a generator to one of the bunkers, I’ve built the generator however when i pick it up and drop the generator it drops it but I still have one in my hands, so I can drop unlimited generators, the only problem is I cannot put this away? Which means I’m stuck with a generator in my hand.. the only way I can stop this is to kill myself, anyone have a work around this issue!
  9. Hello all! Could someone help my, i use ip6 ios 12.3.1. My ldoe game auto log out many time. After playing 2-5mins, I don't know why and how to fix, thank you so much!
  10. Some one help me? It only play 3mins-5mins and game auto log out, it happen many time thanks
  11. whenever i click the gear button nothing happens. Im guessing its because i placed it when it was still unreleased. Any fix for the issue?
  12. We all know it's impossible to kill the Blind One on the hacked version of Last Day on Earth. So the easiest way that i found is to just spawn your gear and some guns, delete the hacked version, download the original, go kill him and re-download the hacked version. Worked for me pretty well. Simple as that
  13. Hi Krookz, I actually treid both of these options : 1 - Remove iOS Gods Hack - then download the game from the store > Chests are still frozen can't interact with what's inside. 2 - Deleted both versions of the game (iOS Gods + App Store) > seems to be the same issue I guess i'm stuck with 3 chests that are glitching right now. Don't really know how it happened .... I'm quite sure now that my progression on Game Center is "corrupted" with this glitch. Appreciate the help anyway 😄
  14. I think imazing is still an option if you wanna sideload. Cydia Impactor needs an update since its not working right now. Idk i guess either try to jailbreak whenever you get the opportunity or get a cracked version of imazing.
  15. @Eskymous Interesting, I was able to upgrade the chest to lvl 11 with items in it. I was still able to split the times and move them around in the chest. I was able to remove them from the chest. And I was able to put the chest in my inventory. When I put the chest back down it was still lvl 11. I don’t know why something is glitching with your game but I would try the following. 1. Remove the iOS Gods Hack and restart the game. See if you can move items then. 2. If that doesn’t work. Delete the game and redone load it. Then try again?
  16. Nope. They just reset my coin amount. I don’t think they even have a ban implemented in the game yet lol
  17. Hi guys. Recently i downloaded a 1.15.1 by ios gods but from a different site due to ios gods was revoken. Now i want to update it as IT IS FOR IOS GODS!!But when i try, after the downloading completes it says “unable to install LDOE ios gods” — besides i tried another app too i can’t even download when it is not revoken. Help plz
  18. So they knew you had a hacked account but never banned you? 🤔
  19. I’ve contacted them many times and the only time they mentioned anything about my jacked game was because I had a really high gold coin amount. Other then that you should be good
  20. Hi Everyone, I've got an issue with upgraded chests. After upgrade, you can still access the chests but the content inside can't be moved and no action can be taken. I've tried to place it somewhere else but that's not solving the issue. Also, i can't event remove the chest since i can't take what's in it ... If someone has a solution for this matter, it would be really helpful. Many thanks ! Eskymous

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