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Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

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Pdittie    0
On 8/18/2017 at 5:51 AM, Archangel04 said:

Open the Phoenix app and reenter jailbroken mode through it


Nope still nothing

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TwiiX    726
On 20/08/2017 at 6:08 PM, lkc said:

There using the same unthread for the 9.3.5 as the home depo 9.3.4 and below 

that makes no sense

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TheArmQueen    5,661
1 minute ago, eyjey29 said:


i mean everything works , you might have errors at times but they can be fixed easily ( i can make hacks and install themes as i believe these are top 2 reasons of jailbreaking ) 

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    • By kevyboy2014
      Hey guys, 
      Thanks to Tihmstar for making  a tweak that turns Home Depot into a untethered 9.1 - 9.3.4 Jailbreak for 32 bits. 
      This supports the iPhone 4s on iOS 9.3.4 only at the moment!
      If you care about your device and dont want to restore dont try this! This can bootloop your device!
      (Assuming you are already Jailbroken with Home Depot)
      1) Launch Cydia 
      2) Click on Sources
      3) Press on Edit (Top Right Corner)
      4) Press Add
      5) Type in repo.tihmstar.net 
      6) Press Add Source
      7) Press Return to Cydia
      8) Tap on Search
      9) Type in UntetherHomeDepot
      10) Press Install (Top Right corner)
      11)  Press Confirm
      12) After its done installing press Reboot/Respring/Return to Cydia (What ever it says! I dont have a iphone 4s on 9.3.4)
      Neither me our Tihmstar or whoever you want is responsible if you bootloop!
      Only you are!
    • By FlyingAK473
      What's the point of using a cracked IPA that is free in the app store? I'm looking to mod a game was wondering if cracked IPA has anything to do with it
    • By Kali linux
      Hello fellow members i will be showing you how to get Yalu102, 10.2 Jailbreak directly from safari without getting revoked.
      Functional brain cells.
      Knowledge of a Smart device
      And safari
      Yalu102 Safari DL: I recommand you use Yassintouch
      YassinTouch Yalu102
      Zerostore Yalu102
      So We are finished with our installation, by defult the download cam get revoked anytime, dont believe people saying it lasts 12 days thats a big lie apple cna revoke at any time.
      Now we are installing a VPN configuration, This will stop apple from revoking the certificates.
      If it requests you toenter your pasword enter it and install the profile.
      after everything is installed Go to your VPN Section in settings and Ake sure anti-revoke is Ticked/checked Click on the (I) And select  connect on demand.
      Your done.
    • By Solv3r
      Tips for installing igameguardian for iOS 10. ??? Following the procedure on the site does not work. Sync error at the beginning.
    • By XD10SX
      Hi, In This Period I'm Using Yalu102 Default App, But Navigating In The Internet I Read Alternative Yalu102 Apps:
      Most of Users Say The Best Extender Is :
      "Extender : Reloaded By Matt Clarke"
      From This Repo :
      Can Someone Explain What Is The Best  "Yalu102" App And Why?
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