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  1. well keep restarting it take awhile to connect in the Game.... servers are loaded it took me 4mins or 2mins in the loading screen to connect. specially when ur base is loaded with sooo much items. i think ur not that damn to craft something thats not release
  2. i think your right. i use my computer in my office it works!, i guess i have to reinstall NOX in my place what i did was... downloaded the LASTDAY ON EARTH FROM PLAYSTORE played for morethan 30sec then put the LIB files Question if i Downgrade the PLAYSTORE will that also affect the APPs? and the consistency of the EMU? by the way MATE thanks! your my GO TO when it comes to EMU's
  3. well i Tested the LATEST and your VERSION of APK both works on Normal play usually your hack always works perfectly but if replace LIB it prompts me to this its the 1st time i encounter this. would it be possible to have conflicts?
  4. Hey dude, i thought you can help since your the ANDROID Emu expert. i encounter this problem, every time I replace those LIB file it goes to this mode. if i play it without modification, everything is working well. what do you think is the problem? im using NOX 5.2 also tested on blustacks in crashes is this one of those SILENT PATCH UPDATE?
  5.  Hack FREE NETFLIX [january 8 2017]

    @DiDA this is not locked? all the links are already dead. please lock
  6. Hahaha! If only i knew this from the beginning!
  7. Introduction Quick Hello

  8. General iOSGods IPS4.2 Forum Suggestions!

    1.List of hacks dated 2. Crack apps for ios savegame the 2methods is a pain it does not always work, like how diversity put clean apks. 3. tutorial or tools on how to crack apps just to put savegames 4. Searching needs less downtime
  9. it doesnt work to me as well as if the Coins are for show only an illusion, @DiDA would be so kind to fix it please?
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