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  1. thats just horrible dude i get if its got lots go features but some people cant afford vip membership
  2. before someone links the unlim ammo one, it doesnt work.
  3. go up to (provider) tell them what they wanna know and say "dont put my sh!t on ios 10" otherwise yes find my iphone is the only way
  4. downgrade and use this, theres nothing for ios 11 right now https://drfone.wondershare.com/ios-screen-recorder.html
  5. delete any tweaks you have such as app admin and try sgain, otherwise idk
  6. Features 500k cat food thats about it how to enter Drop a number from 1-20 , whoever guesses my lucky number first gets it, enjoy folks
  7. g r e a t j o k e i l a u g h e d h a r d
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