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Cydia Does your Pangu/PP app crash when you try to launch and rejailbreak? Click here to fix

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Hey guys,

If you are here, I will assume your certificate has run out like me, and you are stuck in non jailbroken mode (or perhaps not, hm?)

Lucky for you guys, we can fix that in many simple ways

1) Using the website method.

- Step 1: Go to http://jbme.qwertyoruiop.com/

- Step 2: Click Go, wait till there is a popup. Close the popup, and lock your screen

- Step 3: Wait for respring, and try again if fails

- Step 4 Install the jbmepatch given on the website - IMPORTANT



This method is only for prejailbroken users who cannot or do not wish to reinstall the certificate every 7 days. This does NOT jailbreak a new device. This does not need to re-signed or anything. Just add a bookmark as in the tip and it will work forever

Jbmepatch prevents this vulnerability being used to introduce malware. This doesnt disable the patch in non jailbroken state and can therefore be used to prevent people from gaining access to your phone or introducing malware 




You can use it without internet by saving the website as an icon. Press the share button (rectange with an upward arrow), click  "Add to Home Screen" and give it any name you want! This does not need to be re-signed ever and therefore, can work without any issues

2) Reinstalling the jailbreak tool by Pangu

- Step 1 : Download Cydia Impactor from http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/

- Step 2 : Download Pangu tool from https://en.pangu.io

- Step 3 : Use Cydia Impactor to install the pangu app


This does allow non - jailbroken user who have NOT jailbroken their devices and do not have Cydia to jailbreak and get Cydia

Additional information can be found on the Pangu and the Cydia Impactor site.



Credits :

- @Archangel04

- Luca Todesco

- Pangu Team

- J. Freeman (Saurik)

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Wow it's been a year already?!

Awesome tutorial. I like how organized it is.

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56 minutes ago, DiDA said:

Wow it's been a year already?!

Awesome tutorial. I like how organized it is.

Thanks xD.

I felt like that too xD

(Also thanks to KFCzZz, TheArmKing and everyone else)

Edited by Archangel04

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Okay right now I have pphelper when I press the middle button it says lock screen thingy.

after that my it says the phone is downloading cydia please wait for 1 min.. But after waiting for like few hours no cydia appeared..

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