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  1. Come on man.. mine is going to expire soon XD i dont think i can even see this post once i am expired.. :(
  2. It's working doe.. if the it doesn't work, change your weapon, base.. then re enable your hacks.. if all it still don't work, just restart it would mostly works..
  3. @Laxus Best hack. But it would be better if - unlimited ammo / no reload for torpedoes. - speed hack? - repair fire mode for cannons? (Fingers ache spamming..)
  4. IS that a tank? No it's a battleship! Let's go bois! XD
  5. @Laxus is it possible for like, items hacks, IAP hack or speed up chest hack? That would is the be good. I wanna test the rocket looks fun doe.
  6. Let's go bois.. btw is it possible if u made it auto update?
  7. Sure np.. also sometimes when u OHK on, enemy healths is 0 but u still have to hit a few times (invisible health) before the enemy tank is dead.. same goes to your own team.
  8. Just to clarify. This hack is working! it only works if - Your own team did not land the first hit to the enemy. ( not confirmed yet, but sometimes your own team 1 shot enemy, vice versa but they can't damage you if they got 1 shot. Because they are dead, unless it got bugged.. And that usually end up getting ganked.. ) - if you're the one dealing the first DPS. Once your own team DPS, you have to kill the enemy because their health got reset to the original health. So best is use Long range, base raid and spam. If enemy can't damage you doe. But they could 1 shot enemy. Currently this hack need an update. TO CONFIRM, No reload/ unlimited ammo works 100% spam all you want! XD
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