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Hello Fellow Members

9 posts in this topic

Woah I'm amazed by the site! Great Customisation 

I would like to know about you and yeah 

Welcome me :D

idk what else to say


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      Hello there, glad to be here.
      Cheers from Portugal
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      Hello there , people !  Glad to be here
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      It feels so good to be somewhere where people do the impossible. At least i believed it's impossible to hack anything on iOS, and look at me - now i have jailbroken 10.1.1 and running many of your tweaks and hacks. Just want to say, thank you  Also want to say that i finished study on graphic design school, so if you need anything...
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      hi im new
      & giving up my young modding career .
      PS: n!gg4z i aint going anywhere.. 

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