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  1. I usually just take a save from an android game and edit that because they are almost 80% of the time the same save file on both OS's. If you would like to start out simple I made a very easy simple tutorial on how to do this! https://iosgods.com/topic/64668-hacking-android-apps-101/?tab=comments#comment-1935074
  2. Hacking Android Apps 101 This Tutorial will teach you how to : -Edit .xml files to many games -That's about it with this first tutorial Some games you can hack with this : -Piano Tiles -Piano Tiles 2 -The Battle Cats -Bowmasters -Temple Run -Temple Run 2 -And MANY MANY more! Required: Rooted device My Android Tools Pro (link for Pro down below) 1. Download this app: My Android Tools (Pro) Download Link 2. When you open the app make sure to allow superuser access 3. Download an app that has an .xml file in the files ( use one listed above or find one and experiment) 4. When prompted to this screen, tap Shared Preferences 5. When your list of apps pops up, choose your app of choice 6. Open the .xml file and look through the possibilities (often coins, levels, or unlockables) 7. Edit the integer either to your chosen number (ex. Coins = 1000 to Coins = 999999) or a Boolean (ex. Unlockable = false to Unlockable = true) If not true/false may also be 0/1 (1 being true and 0 being false) 8. Save the edited file and reopen your app. 9. Make sure it worked if the app crashed then was probably because you edited something you shouldn't've 10. Good luck and have fun! Credits: -FatherOfLies
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