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  1. @Jonn MartianAre you sure? i can't even find the correct block of codes
  2. Hello guys Wanted to know if there is any way to add characters on injustice gods among us like this way; but for the new update(https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/injustice-gods-among-us/id575658129?mt=8) thanks!
  3. is this still working? my game keep crashing when i open cards colecction after doing this.
  4. @DiDA i have never linked my account to the banned profile, you know, mkx actually allow us to play online without an account. however i tried that and keychain method but it does not work
  5. Hello guys, just asking for a way to get unbanned in mkx mobile, is it possible? thanks!
  6. Sorry, i mean, it says initialization failed?? What I'm i losing? Game does not work for me, always disconect from scan service
  7. Hello buddies I'm using an IPad 3, running iOS 9.3.5(semi-untherthered jb) I want to ask for any iGameGuardian fix that actually works, i know there are a lot of topics about this but i still can't figure out how to, or an alternative that allow me to read and modificate app memory would be great. i appreciate any help, thanks.
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