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  1. Amazing! I love the design Glad to see so much potential in GFX members of this community!
  2. Im perfectly fine with Spotify. I like the way it works well with my PC and PS4. If you need to pay 10$ for the first month after the trial in advance I am not even considering Apple Music as an alternative.
  3. Kung Fury is a must.
  4. Just jailbreak again This time you should have Cydia installed. IMPORTANT NOTE: Activator is not supported by iOS 8.4 yet and causes springboard to crash!
  5. Successfully upgraded to 8.4 and jailbroken iPad Air and iPhone 6
  6. *screams with amazement* WOWOWOWOWOWOWO it's so epic! My favourite work of yours so far!
  7. @@DiDA, namechange for the announcement? Works with 8.4 as well
  8. Wow epic giveaway! I'd love to have that GTA V acc!
  9. I like the idea I don't think those names and icons are appropriate, but still... it's something to think about. Good suggestion
  10. Ahahahah omg those guns... He looks like law from tekken in that golden suit. I'm not a fan of this one, CoD was waaaaaaaaay better. Hoping to see more of your work soon!
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