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  1. @iboahmed It’s not that hard... it’s kinda look like at first but you get the trick pretty fast... the file you need to look for are TextAssets there is a file for each car (they are listed as there real model name Exemple:; AE86=Hachi-Roku Nissan 180SX=Phoenix NX Nissan Silvia S14=Fujin SX Toyota Supra RZ=Wanderer L30 Etc., Etc. you need to click in the car you want and click on plugins at the right and after extract to .txt then open and edit the value (i recommend to use Notepad++ for this and also recommend to search in first Premium than replace all ‘’Premium’’ with ‘’Coins’’) then search; Cost and change all the number (‘’cost’’: ‘’3500’’ replace 3500 with 1 so it gonna look like this;; ‘’cost’’: ‘’1’’) keep searching with Coins for faster work hit CTRL+F. Search first with coins then ex.: write it exactly as writted in the txt files: ‘’Cost’’: ‘’3500’’ and hit Count **write the ‘’ ‘’ also** you’ll see how many time the ‘’Cost’’: ‘’3500’’ is listed in the file. If the results is more than one go on replace keep in the first spot; ‘’Cost’’: ‘’3500’’ and in 2nd ’’Cost’’: ‘’1’’ then hit replace all if there was 99 result this 99 will switch at the same time so 99 edit at once. Do the same with ex.; ‘’installationCost’’: ‘’400‘’ then Count if it’s <1 go to replace 1st; ‘’installationCost’’: ‘’400’’ 2nd; ‘’installationCost’’: ‘’1’’ it’s way faster while editing multiple amount at once Also don’t forget to switch ‘’Premium’’ <- are gold coins ’’Coins’’ <- are normal Cash I thinked about it.. ill reset the dailyquest one
  2. That’s what in working on... there is 26 cars in total and i need to do them one by one.... Just to maje sure it work, i Edited The AE86, Nissan Silvia S14, Toyota Supra, High Rewards on Daily Quest(999999gold/coins) the ipa is allready on Mega, Mediafire, Dropbox gotta post them right now
  3. @YELLEZ, @iboahmed, @buzz00 Im Working on it. App was crashing at launch. My computer is slow as a bunch of snail i’m doing my best with what i got.... i figured out how to make a Direct Install link all i need now is a good File Sharing Website (Like iosddl.net but without having to pay extra money)
  4. @ZahirSher Ok thanks for letting me know ill put the xp back to normal if i put all car upgrades at 1 coins it should work i did it with the event cars in the first carx ill work ok this when im back home
  5. @ZahirSher i pm you a link check it out maybe you’ll understand what to do
  6. Ok i searched for that it’s kinda hard to get it at first you need a direct link to the .ipa file and a .plist linked to it well i’ll figure out how to do it. It would be useful on ios 12
  7. @ZahirSher Thanks man i appreciate that im pretty sure that this is going to work and if you know how to make a direct install with it could you do it for me? My computer died like 15 mins ago 😞
  8. **NOT TESTED GIVE IT A TRY** it’s not tested because my phone won’t sync with iTunes im trying to figure what’s going on What i did is edit the Ressources.Assets file. i did it with the first one and it was working like a charm so here is what you should have;; I only did some cars to see if it's working for it DailyQuest and/or Achivements make the game crashed at start... AE86 = Hachi-Roku Supra = Wanderer L30 SilviaS14 = Fujin SX Nissan180sx = Phoenix NX all upgrade should cost one coins (Body Kits, Engine, etc.) if you can provide feedback to me i’d like to know if it works. So i could put everything in the game at 1Coins. this is also going to work on later update ill just have ti modify the value again. If someone can tell me how to do a easy install post that would be appreciated i could try it with this 😂😂😂 i found out how to do the Direct Install Link all i need is a file sharing website supporting it (Mediafire give error, Dropbox too, Mega also, Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to all of you iOSGods best community on internet ❤️ http://www.mediafire.com/file/2cb90k8vh2urouv/CarX+Drift+Racing+2+1.1.1.ipa
  9. Welll f*** my life tried everything with my ‘’Computer’’ cydia impactor crash before completing the full install, tried to run Kali Linux, Cyborg Linux, Black Box, AnonOS a big f***all worked and i ‘’bricked’’ my phone i had no other choice then go to ios12.1.1 😭😭
  10. @DiDA, @Joeyyyy dont know who i should ask but please make an easy install for this 🥰🤪
  11. Can you please share your account to me so i can download it? When trying to create one it write at the end; Please Contact Apple Support To complete This Transaction. There is no freaking transaction there all i wanna do is create this freakin account cause they can't put the app on every app store it's still a freaking app store even if your coming from jupiter. I won't waste 2 hours of my time trying to get a line with them
  12. The game is going to get an update today if you can update this to the new version 😁😁👌🏻
  13. Im going to provide an ipa for it im going home right now im doing this as soon as im there
  14. @absoluT1on im gonna provide an ipa for this when im back at home gonna send it to you in private! 😜
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