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  1. What do you mean by Obscured? The text in the dump file for Both 7DS and Princess Connect are both human readable, nothing is encrypted/obfuscated/obscured. If you mean by how some games do a bitwise change on Values, usually you can still input in a number and it'll do something ingame. It's just that we don't know what the decoding keys are, so for example sake since you've probably been too skeptical to take literally 1 minute and just try sh!t out to see what would happen. Like for Tap Titans 2, they have GHDouble, which is their obfuscated Double value, in that game, they take a Double value, and add a key value to it and then subtract another key value from it. Again as an example, if I were to push a value of 540.0, the GHDouble functions would add 30.0 and then subtract 50.0 from it. so the total value would be 520.0. But if you don't know the key, you can just return any value and then see what happens. The fun about modding is just doing sh!t and seeing what happens. f*** all the other mental thoughts of " I don't want to brick my profile, I don't want to make a mistake "...... What kind of boring sh!t is that? Mistakes are part of the learning process, if you're too afraid to just do sh!t to do sh!t, f*** up to f*** up for no other reason than to f*** up. Why get into it? Meaning in Priconne, for the Obsured stuff. Just try to put in a normal Int and see what happens? There's a pretty f***ing good chance that if you Returned 10, it'll take 10 as the value. I say this because the Obscuring happens when another VOID function calls upon the ObsucredINT. meaning that the ObscuredINT Happens before it gets to the value you're afraid of. Get it? Meaning the ObscuredINT is the DECODER and it spits out a NORMAL HUMAN VALUE, NOT an Obscured Value. Instead of asking questions, Answer them since it only takes a few minutes of your own due diligence to answer it. I've been making game mods since I was 8 years old(way back in the 1990's), and trust me, a ton of mistakes were made but also a lot of fun was had from a few dozen of those mistsakes.
  2. I couldn't say, I've stopped playing this game and probably won't be updating it anymore. As for your thoughts on Crush Them All, that's only if you're free, if you spend some money and get the VIP tag under your name, you could masqerade as a legit player for awhile. Meaning folks that haven't hit 1 year of gameplay yet can hit around 1.2million power, stage 7000, Level 44, but be sure to have a Platinum ranking Arena Badge before doing that. I did that in about a week and was playing with a top guild for 2 extra weeks however I screwed up and went up from stage 7350-7500 in a matter of 30 minutes. My guild saw it all and questioned me but also reported me in the process lol. I had bumped up all of my numbers outside of a guild so no one could see my progress. So when I joined, no one would be the wiser if this Level 43 fella was legit or not 😅 Read the NOTE on the main post under the mod list.
  3. No, that's why I said ( Or equivalent Emulator ) Meaning: like a Virtual Machine or WINE or some tool that could execute a Windows Executable without being on a Windows PC. Though if you're able to edit and re-compile the code for Mac(as il2cpp dumper's code is available on github.) That's a possible outlet for you. Otherwise the only release that's available for the dumper is a Windows version.
  4. When my tutorial guide said Emulator. I meant a Windows Emulator, like a Virtual Machine or WINE or some tool that could execute a Windows Executable without being on a Windows PC. You seem to misunderstand thinking I was referring to Android Emulator. This is posted in the as an iOS Tutorial For A Reason.
  5. Sorry but I am only sharing information on modding 7DS, also I have never seen a packed il2cpp game for iOS before. If you are Android, you'll need to talk to an Android Modder You're welcome bud, hopefully you learned something new that you hadn't known prior. Cheers mate!
  6. @Nini Alternatively if you wanted to do switches on the Main Menu instead of inside of a fight, you can use the ShowInbox as well as a Branch switch. I used to do that to collect souls when a certain debug feature still existed but it's removed now 😭😭, had made a pretty penny doing that lol
  7. You can use Ida Pro or Ghidra to check the assembly. To be technical. If a value is an INT or a BOOL, (and in some cases for FLOAT which I didn't cover.) If you look at the End of a function's Assembly, you'll see that after all of it's computations, it puts a final value into either W0, or X0 before the function ends itself(view hawks' run function for this line to make more sense.) That said, The function is looking for a certain value stored in W0, or X0(both are the same for 99% of uses and can be used interchangeably.) So at the end of the level function in IDA Pro which is a VERY Short function: You can see that the processor is loading a Variable from #0x98(a stack variable from X0 that holds a value at runtime) into W0 and then killing the process. But we want it to load our value, so that's why I made the guide to put #-100 into it. ~~~~~~~~~ Same goes with the second thing taught in this video: It's Checking if whatever the incoming value is that's stored in W1 is Less Than #4. If it is then SET the value to True, if it isn't, then SET the value to False. Then kill the process. For this one, We want it to be false, so we put a #0 into W0 I did not go into Disassembly stuff because with all beginners that I've taught, Doing so unmotivated them and scared them away from modding. And that is the complete opposite of the goal for this guide.
  8. DIY Requirements: - Windows PC ( Or equivalent Emulator ) - iGameGod App - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iOS 11.0 ~ 13.7 for Mod IPA Portion: --Mod IPA Portion can't be done on iOS 14.x as of Jan 2021 due to Appsync Unified not being iOS 14.x compatible(Could change in the future.) --Mod Menu Portion will work for iOS 14.x as CrackerXI+ and iGameGod are iOS 14.x compatible. I was originally going to cover this in my God Mode IPA Share thread but I didn't want people getting the false idea that I was going to keep updating the Mod iPA, I'm Referring to this thread: http://bit.ly/39ix6ov Before we start, your device must be Jailbroken to do any of this. You have to figure out how to jailbreak your own device as each iOS Version and iPhone have different methods and some devices have no methods at all. Review this Subreddit thread for information on your particular device: https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/wiki/escapeplan/guides/jailbreakcharts DIY Goals: - Learn about ARM64 Modding with simple BOOLs and INTs - Learn about making mod IPA's for il2cpp/Unity3D based games - Learn about using iOSGod's iGameGod tool to make a mod menu - Level up yourself from a beggar/leecher into a Cheat Making MACHINE!!! Synopsis: This is a Tutorial to teach complete beginners on how to make a simple Mod IPA and a makeshift Mod Menu with iGameGod(13:30 of video) for the game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. This can also be carried over to other games made with Unity3D(aka il2cpp games in the cheating community.) So get ready to get your learn on and Level yourselves up from being a basic beggar/leecher. DIY Instructions: 1. Watch the video 2. Listen 3. Patience Software I Used: • 010 Editor: https://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/ • HxD(alternate Hex Editor): https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ • ARMConverter Utility: http://armconverter.com/ • 7zip: https://www.7-zip.org/ • il2cpp Dumper: https://github.com/Perfare/Il2CppDumper/releases • WinSCP: https://winscp.net/eng/index.php • iFunBox 4(requires Non-Marketplace iTunes to be installed): https://bit.ly/34EWjbu • Non-Marketplace iTunes 64bit: https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/win64 • Non-Marketplace iTunes 32bit: https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/win32 • Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ • Karen's Repo for AppSync Unified(To be able to install Mod IPA's through Filza): https://cydia.akemi.ai/ • AppCake Repo for CrackerXI+: https://cydia.iphonecake.com/ • iGameGod Install and Information: https://iosgods.com/topic/134184-introducing-igamegod-cheat-engine-speed-manager-auto-touch-more/ Credits: - PhillyTCG (and others listed at the end of the video.) Tutorial Video: [Hidden Content] PS, This started out as a massively Ad-libbed 40 minute tutorial, I cut out most of the un-needed commentary and brain farts to a video just shy of 20 minutes. Hopefully someone learns something new!
  9. Mod Requirements: - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on iOS 13.7 or older as Appsync Unified isn't compatible with 14.x at the time when this post is made.. - iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS. - Cydia Substrate or Substitute. - PreferenceLoader (from Cydia or Sileo). NO BYPASS NEEDED FOR UNSIGNED MOD IPA | Again iOS 13.7 or Older Only. Since I've completely stopped playing this game now, I'll make a video Tutorial in a day or two(or three...) on how to re-create this Mod iPA as well as using iGameGod to make a makeshift Mod Menu for those that don't want to go the Mod iPA Route. The tutorial will be from the perspective of how I teach complete beginners, so it'll contain a lot of over explaining and a homework assignment. Where as a guide for a veteran would be 10 seconds. UDPATE: TUTORIAL POSTED OVER AT (iOS 14.x users will have to do the iGG Mod Menu Portion): https://iosgods.com/topic/139249-seven-deadly-sins-grand-cross-mod-ipa-igg-mod-menu-tutorial/ ~~~~~~~~~~======~~~~~~~~~~ For this mod ipa to work, the device must be jailbroken and have Karen's tweak called Appsync Unified installed(repo below.) I wasn't able to get it working on any of my jailed devices, so if anyone has luck running it on a jailed phone, let me know. Once you have the tweak installed, Download the iPA file. Find it in Filza and install it. (install Filza via Cydia's Search if you don't have it for some reason.) I use iFunBox to install it since it can install a mod over on top of the original and still make use of the original install's directory where as Filza installs it to a new directory in which case it'll need to re-download the 3.5gb data patch. But use whatever you have available to you. • Karen's Repo if you need Appsync Unified: https://cydia.akemi.ai/ • Windows iFunBox 4 if anyone needs that: https://bit.ly/34EWjbu (Seems official download is gone, here's my GDrive link) Cheat Video/Screenshots: Hack Features: - God Mode(One Hit Kill, Invincible) Note: This mod only works on offline, non-regulated fights. So it doesn't work in PvP, Guild Boss fights, or Event Demon fights, and any other special online fights. Ban Chance: it exists, may not happen to most but the chance is not zero. Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/79-no-jailbreak-section/ Modded Android APK(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/68-android-section/ For more fun, check out the Club(s): https://iosgods.com/clubs/ iOS Hack Download Link: Note2: If you've never played this game before, and don't have an account already. Read the following: This mod can ONLY be used AFTER you're able to move around the map(After you beat Twigo in the Intro and are directed to head to town), as the simulated fights in the opening tutorial will lock up if you use mods on them. [Hidden Content] Installation Instructions: STEP 1: Download the .ipa Mod hack file from the link above. STEP 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice. STEP 3: Using iFile or Filza, browse to where you saved the downloaded .ipa file and tap on it. STEP 4: Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on 'Installer' or 'Install' from the options on your screen. STEP 5: Let iFile / Filza finish the cheat installation. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below. STEP 6: Open up the game! NOTE: If you have any questions or problems, read our Troubleshooting topic & Frequently Asked Questions topic. If you still haven't found a solution, post your issue down below and we'll do our best to help! If the hack does work for you, post your feedback below and help out other fellow members that are encountering issues. Credits: - @PhillyTCG - RoyBoy for intro sound ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZVJaGZDOc3OWTalD8t9_GA )
  10. Definitely not one shotting bosses lol.. That's for sure LMFAO
  11. Going to pass on that for the moment, but I'll say this though. It was done on Android, and with their GameGuardian app. Since I can do more complicated searches on there which I can't do with any iOS cheat search tools. ie: being able to search for multiple values, and a range of values as well as potential Xor checks all at the same time(one stupid long string of crap lol.) That said, incase you didn't know, if an Idle Mafia account is connected via Facebook, it becomes Cross Platform. Though what I showed in this video could be used to farm Diamonds as well if you applied yourself.... I mean sure it's crazy time consuming than simply adjusting a value way up, but hey, I can at least say using speed hack to farm diamonds is by far a ton safer!(for this game version anyway, next update could be unsafe. We'll see.) You're welcome and Ugh... Yeah definitely color blind, going to chalk it up to bad genetics and a welding job I had 2 years ago 😅😅
  12. Early Christmas Present for some of y'all !! Some of you guys figured this out already but for those who haven't. Enjoy! I spent 2 hours making this 76 second video, please watch it XD (the rest of it is just music... I kind of really dig the song, it sounds kind of like Christmas music but is a re-arrangement from Secret of Mana) Get iGameGod from @Rook's thread(Jailbreak Required😞 [Hidden Content] So far no bans from abusing the hell out of this pattern(among others), Using it for 2 months on my main(though now that it's out in the wild, Devs may put a logger on this activity.) Speaking of bans....I however did get banned from my Alt account where I added 13 million diamonds though 😅 PS: For anyone who's a iGameGod Virgin, after you install the tweak, you must open up iGameGod and go into the Settings. Then turn it on for Idle Mafia. Once ingame, Hold Tap the Orange Gear Icon. A menu will appear, tap on Speed Hack. ......Lastly.,.. If that gear is pink.. then I'm probably color blind... I see Orange, my "Friend" see Pink.... um.. Which is it?
  13. I might in a week, depends on if anything happens in my day to day this weekend.
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