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  1. Terminal is only needed if you're on iOS 11 or lower. otherwise just make sure you have Appsync Unified installed and install the IPA through Filza and not any other way.
  2. Yeah but it's a Mod Menu and not a Mod IPA. Also I don't make it for free since majority of the buyers "Eventually" start to use it to sell services to people/crewmates (ie: some guys charge $2-$5 USD to add or max out 1 car for their people. And naturally some people get creative with it and offer car painting services and what not. I mean hell there's been a lot of people using the REMIX Mod to do that too but also heard of a lot of people's accounts getting f***ed up because they paid someone and got modded by said someone that was using the Remix to sell mod services😅😅.) Talk to me on Facebook Messenger or Discord if you want info on it. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phillytcg Discord Name: PhillyTNG#1873 I have a free version of the mod menu here to check to see if your device and jailbreak is compatible with it or not: https://www.facebook.com/phillytcg/posts/2367181140237286/
  3. Definitely free but if you want to give donations, you can do it here: https://streamlabs.com/phillythecrazygamer/tip
  4. This mod isn't meant to start a new account with. It's made with the intention and was tested with accounts that already had Tempest 1 & 2 completed and already have Legends tutorial completed. If you have an account and can't load it, it may be because you installed this mod as a duplicate app, if that's the case, don't do that. If not as a duplicate app, you could try to do what I had replied to PHUROR with on Page 87 utilizing a gamesave file and copying my file into your CSR2's profile folder which is in your app's documents folder. ..stuff\documents\pp\#######\ ###### - your profile id number Sorry and not to be a d!ck(just old and constantly annoyed lol), I don't use iGameGod to add cars. Simple reason: I CAN MOD THE GAME TO MAKE IT GIVE ME CARS... So it kind of beats the point of taking an even longer route out to do that.... ya know? You'd have better luck asking someone who isn't able to destroy the game like I do and have to resort to those types of ways.
  5. No, there's an easier solution and I already talked about it in the main post. The problem is PEOPLE CANT READ(You included..), They only know how to download and complain. If you read Issue #4, there are 2 paragraphs explaining how to get around the problem. You do not need to sell cars but that is indeed one way around it. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is a good reason why the main post is SO f***ING BIG That said if you just took the time to read things in advanced, you wouldn't have had to resort to selling cars.
  6. Sorry, late reply, work and what not... Here ya go (Googledrive) https://bit.ly/3wHu1Jl It's a zip file, after you download it. unzip it (Tap on it in filza, and let it do it's thing.) It'll poop out a folder with the same name as the zip. Inside of the folder will be a file called nsb. move that file to your pp # folder.
  7. Reminds me of a guy from reddit that claimed he wasn't hacking but had a ton of tweaks that were for hacking lol. Anyway if you have IAP hacks installed, remove them. example: LocalIAP, iAP Cracker, etc. And various other tweaks that could be used to hack games or disable something in apps/games like ad killers and what not. The only tweaks I have that didn't come with the jailbreak are: - Appsync Unified - Apple File Conduit "2" - CrackerXI+ - Filza File Manager - iGameGod - MTerminal - OpenSSH As of version 3.4.0, it now detects IAP Cracking/Hacking tweaks and a few other ones, if you have iGameGuardian installed, it'll detect that too and close itself out. There's a good chance when 3.5.0 comes out, all this will stop working.
  8. There's a reason why the post is Fohking HUGE lol... If you just download and nothing else.... well...... stop that lol. Read the issues section.
  9. No, I stopped doing Free Updates on this game and currently only doing it for my donation squad(YouTube Members, specifically the Dungeon Squad members.)
  10. At the moment, I'm only maiking it for my Paid YouTube Subscribers. If you had visited the YouTube Video on the platform and looked at the description for the video on YouTube itself, you'd have seen where I had said that. That's why the video on my Posted Thread may show up as saying 6.0.0 on the title.
  11. Since you're new to all of this, you probably don't know this yet. But lately, most games like these have values that are controlled from a game server hosted outside of your phone's control, Or in the rare scenarios where it's stored on the device, it's encrypted in a dozen different ways. Anyway if you're a fan of these JRPG style games, you may have noticed that just about every mod released for them has Battle Only mods. The reason for that is because generally the Battle system is device controlled/offline, However everything else including POST-Battle Sequence(Reward/Win portions) are server controlled. So for this game, that's pretty much the setup as well, Battles and Hawk Run are device bound for the most part. There may be other things that aren't but it's up to you to find out if you're bored/angry enough to do it. I say Bored/Angry since that's my usual key motivators XD. PS, It helps to sometimes step aside from this game and attacking another game just to avoid getting burned out and come back at a later time when you've had more successes on other games under your belt so to speak. Or view other modder's tutorials and have obtained more knowledge/thinking patterns.
  12. It's probably because of the mod that instantly delivers a fully restored car(though it keeps the rust bucket visual) when you purchase a Legends car. I never created this mod with the intention of starting a new account thus never tested it with a new account either, I've always used an account that had proceeded past most of the generic events/triggers. I suppose the only option is to just finish the legends tutorial on the normal version of the game and then switch to this one after. Or just use your own account that's progressed through that portion. If you know where the NSB files are at and know how to get to it, i could give you a file that you could use that has progressed passed that part if you want. Though I suppose if you know where it is, you could probably fix yourself up huh? XD
  13. Glad to see someone here has a good head on their shoulders, that being said the mods that I never showed off nor released still work, but it's up to the reader to take my word for it or think if I'm making bs up lol. But what I'm getting at is if you don't want to get banned. Don't use publicly available mods, Make your own methods and hope they are unique compared to what's currently available. Since I sell this mod with the effects for boss fights and an instant win mod including show off videos, I have zero doubt a developer has gotten their hands on it and have made detections for it by now. Yeah that happens when you use publicly available mods, especially when there's a DIY Guide out there on it. Also read the message I replied to a guy above
  14. Shouldn't be, I'm still using it, but I'm certain I had made note of it, if the account is a really high rank, it tends to not work as well.
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