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  1. @igodyeusus : Totally got clapped 😅 @ricardokok1975 : Finally got my perma ban, Took them awhile, had finished with 6100 just before the ban lol, according to my friend, the account is still on the #1 leaderboard slot for last week's rankings.
  2. @ricardokok1975 Alrighty. I think I'm finally done with the game now. Hit Rank 1 in Ranked Matches 😂😂😂 , Permaban probably incoming 😅😅 @intell Thanks for the mod mate. your mod plus my exploit did wonders!!!! To Everyone else: I'm not sharing the exploit, don't bother asking.
  3. @ricardokok1975 Well after logging in again from the 2nd ban, I at least finished in 11th place ..... though logging back in on the last day of the pvp season, I doubt I'll be able to get a high placement now 😅😂
  4. Seems like it. Probably because I had bought some Diamonds 2 days ago so I could get Merlin.
  5. Is WampServer good to practice learning web development on or do you have other recommendations?
  6. Well got banned again, but totally my fault this time. Was abusing a PvP bug that I found lol. Even though it's a temp ban, showing this picture will probably make it a perma ban now. I'm done with this game anyhow. Really glad I hadn't gotten paid yet, was planning on buying Hawk's Pass I don't have any recent pictures of my PvP team but here's a picture from 1.0,9 before we were able to make them Level 80.
  7. Also random mod I made for the minigame since no one else was hitting it up lol
  8. That'd be cool, though I had completed ungeared pvp to Champion 1 with a sh!t team lol
  9. I totally got banned, Thanks for helping me kick my addiction to this game lol, My main will probably get hit any day now as well haha
  10. 😅 😅 😅 😅 😅 😅 😅 😅 😅 We've talked about this before a year ago, unless you're not the same Ted i've been talking to. CSR2 is one of the few games that won't boot up if modded. Yes you can Sign and Install the ipa via Impactor, AltDeploy/Store, XCode, etc. However the game won't boot up. But if someone's JB, then they can ldid the binary and get it to work that way. That is why I didn't post in the Non-Jailbroken section. Comprende?
  11. LMFAO Both things? There's only 1 download. Either you're out of space(Need 4.4gb free space to download and install), or you possibly don't have Karen's AppSync Unified tweak installed. Goto Karen's reddit thread for more information on it - https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/fzwgy7/update_appsync_unified_740_now_with_ios_1341/ Unfortunately I'm not sure why it works for some of my mates and it doesn't work for others. Sadly none of them live near me either that aren't able to get it to work so I can't really attempt to see what's going on to try to get more results/tests in. Well thanks for trying it and sorry for wasting your time/bandwidth.
  12. For future references, where should it go if I post something else similar to this again?
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